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Lolita Miljavsky`s apartment: the Skin of a bear give to neighbours!

with its part always it is possible to expect any surprise.

In one of last performances on show of the First channel PROPERTY of REPUBLIC Lolita left in a grey dress and - lja 40 - e and densely clasped jacket, and hair have been collected in a hard plait. We simply could not avoid its dwelling and proinspektirovat it with our expert on the fan - shuj Natalia KLASSEN.

well picked up colour scale in a hall (beige and brown colours) represents energy of the Earth which creates sensation of stability and confidence. Presence (1) red subjects strengthens this effect as Fire element on a cycle of interaction of five elements feeds an element of the Earth even more.   if to consider symbolical value (2)   photos which are placed in a considerable quantity on walls we will see a lot of female   portraits, where the woman one. It can create difficulties in search of the partner and construction of relations. It is necessary to add more than pair portraits or images where the woman and the man are represented together, and it is unessential the.

the Hall

the Fan - shuj not so treats kindly stuffed animals of the killed animals as they represent inskuju energy which should be as less as possible in premises. Therefore it is not necessary to surround itself (3) skins, stuffed animals or images of the killed animals in a considerable quantity, it takes away energy and can become the reason of bad mood and depression.


(3) Wardrobe rooms and cases are those places where we spend not enough time, therefore the fan - shuj is not enough these premises on us influences. At an apartment lay-out under wardrobe we try to give the most adverse places. A unique rule which is necessary for observing, - in these rooms there should be an order and cleanliness. An order in the house - an order in a head. Such interrelation exists. Also it is one more of ways to influence events of our life. Want, that any situation or a question were cleared up, put things in order in a case, on a desktop or on a broader scale in the house, and the decision will come faster.

the Bedroom

(5) Bed with the strong massive basis is better provides a quiet and long dream. (6) high back of a bed creates support and protection that too improves quality of a dream and gives more forces.   the bed arrangement too corresponds to key rules the fan - shuj: it costs a headboard to (7) wall, not opposite to a door and windows. The unique moment to which it is necessary to pay attention, is the (8) corner of a case directed directly on a bed. But almost all furniture has corners, and it is not so bad, and is normal more likely. But here to have it it is necessary so that these corners have not been directed on the sleeping person. If to move a case it is not possible, it is possible to put a flower or any other subject which as though will hide this corner and will reduce its negative influence.