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Leah on the wrecker load expensive foreign cars

There is an effect from municipal wreckers? A leah they are capable to clear away streets from cars standing under prohibiting signs and complicating advancement on a city? To answer these questions, the correspondent - Tyumen has decided to stay a little in a role evakuatorshchika. Have agreed about a meeting near a stop Square . First of all I ask employees of Tjumengortransa about a waistcoat and gloves.

- yes you that, is impossible! - Oleg Dolganov, the inspector of traffic police of the city Department of Internal Affairs, working together with evakuatorshchikami exclaims. - I and that do not help them. At them certificates are. They are certified.

well, it was necessary to observe, how the problem of liquidation of spontaneous parkings from outside dares. I sit down in a patrol car to the inspector, the wrecker goes for us. We reach before turn on street 8 Martha. The Central square and a building of the regional government ahead is seen.

- here see, the Prior Costs, directly on a pedestrian crossing, - the inspector notices.

the wrecker approaches on the car. Experts of Tjumengortransa photograph the car and prepare captures.

- before shipping the car on the wrecker, we attentively examine it and we seal up, - Victor acquaints me with the work. - we stick all that opens: a cowl, doors and even ljuchok a petrol tank that then there were no claims. And labels special, with a protective layer. The second time back it any more you will not paste, it will be visible. Two understood undersign for documents on car survey.

Victor has pasted over the car and already gathered was to put captures on wheels as the driver has come running. Has opened a door, has then run to the inspector.
- here so each time, - Victor speaks. - as soon as we start to load, there is an owner.

Oleg Dolganov says that on the driver it did not begin to make the report, the motorist has got off with the prevention. We go further. History with the second car - tonirovannoj the Nexia - has ended approximately as, with that only with a difference that the driver behaved defiantly: has started to prove to the inspector that before a pedestrian crossing it is possible to park. At parting to the driver have wished to read more attentively traffic regulations. Behind a crossroads there is a sign the Stop is forbidden . Behind it a long line of variegated cars. It begins with Toyotas - Kamri . With it also have decided to begin.

- really will lift? - I am interested at evakuatorshchikov.

- We and jeeps lifted, - Yury, Victor`s workmate speaks. - in a city three municipal wreckers work. At ours the greatest load-carrying capacity.

Victor has pasted over all doors, thus has attentively examined all car, having found out that there is no one gauge of a parking. Spetsy have established captures and have started to lift the car. well, now, - I think, - precisely the owner will run out . The alarm system has not worked: the car and not zavereshchala.

- Cars we load so accurately that the alarm system at all does not work, - Yury explains. - recently took away a jeep Lexus . There that only is not present: both the satellite alarm system, and usual. The owner has been strongly surprised to how it has appeared at us on parking.

as it was found out, cars business - and a premium - a class get in paws the municipal wrecker not too seldom. As that time, on shtrafstojanku has taken away even the car of the deputy. In 30 minutes at a stop evakuatorshchiki already loaded Ford - the Fiesta . The owner or the mistress and did not appear.

as a result for two and a half an hour we have taken away on parking in PATP - 1 two car. And how much they are parked not by rules? Wreckers are no more than threat, and especially it does not frighten. It was necessary to us to drive away tonirovannuju the Nexia as its place was occupied with other car.  

As Sergey Karankevich, deputy director MUP " has explained; Tjumengortrans on the average for a day three wreckers deliver nine cars to parking. In seven - nine cases from ten owner appears before its car will appear on the wrecker. As a rule, on parking PATP - 1 in the street Republics, 206 evacuated cars stand no more than two - three hours. For one and a half year there was only one case when the car has staid on parking two days and the owner had to pay for car storage.