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The Minister of health and social development Tatyana Golikova: the Electronic policy will allow to be treated in any region

- We should raise detectability of diseases and learn them to treat, without leading up to death rate, - Tatyana Golikova has designated at a meeting with journalists an overall objective of reform. Nevertheless for this purpose it is necessary to increase financing of system of rendering of medical aid on all country.

the Government has already found sources. Since January, 1st, 2011 from the budget will arrive more money for needs of public health services. As it is known, from next year the uniform social tax will replace with insurance payments, and tax loading on the enterprises will grow with 26 to 34 %. Now 3,1 % from these receipts goes to fund of obligatory medical insurance (OMS). Since 2011 this share will grow to 5,1 %. Here these additional 2 % also will go on upgrade of system of public health services. As explained in the afternoon before premieres - minister Vladimir Putin, all for 2 years on medicine reform it will be directed 460 billion roubles, this money first of all will go on medical equipment updating.

  - By data for 2009, about 32 % of hospitals and approximately 30 % of polyclinics are in a shabby and emergency status, - Tatyana Golikova ascertained. - it is planned that the next two years about 80 % from them will be updated. In - the second, the government is going to introduce modern information systems in public health services. On it 24 billion roubles will leave. One of the main innovations - policy OMS want to make electronic.

In this case, according to head Minzdravsotsrazvitija, each citizen can receive medical aid in any region of the country. Certainly, present policies under the law too have free circulation, but in practice of patients, as a rule, refuse to treat not in a place residence permits .

- the Principal cause - in complexities vzaimoraschetov between regions, - has explained Tatyana Golikova. - As a result of reforms all will be debugged and on-line, therefore problems with treatment at nonresident patients will not arise. And, in - the third, 136 billion roubles more will go on increase in salaries to doctors, improvement of a food of patients and other household needs of clinics. That the program has earned, the regional authorities to the beginning of 2011 should give in Ministry of Health the full information on a status of the medical institutions, and also programs of actions: on what money and in what volume is necessary.

By the way, within the limits of reform will separately take care and of not most protected category of citizens - idle pensioners who basically and use polyclinics and hospitals. The government plans to create for them health fund . In what its sense? To each pensioner on its personal personal account will annually put on 1000 roubles (the definitive sum is still discussed).

Tatyana Golikova: For 2 years we will update public health services system on all country .
the Photo: Oleg RUKAVITSYN

- This money not the payment for concrete medical services because they are anyway paid at the expense of means of obligatory medical insurance, - has explained Golikova. - Polyclinics and hospitals will receive them for the fact of the reference of the pensioner is should become stimulus for more benevolent relation to elderly patients.

By the way, pensioners can encash this money, as at a monetization of social benefits. For example, if the pensioner for all year never is converted behind medical aid this sum will be automatically added to its pension. Nevertheless, as have explained in Ministry of Health, this project while is in the working out stages, therefore some nuances, and also the sum can change.

- We should develop the optimum size of indemnification, - Tatyana Golikova has explained. - That it, on the one hand, was the worthy award to medical institution, and with another - would not stimulate pensioners not to be converted behind the medical help. Reform of system of public health services should start since 2011, therefore all amendments should bring in power laws till the end of this year.

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