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We go home Yesenin

On the necessary harmony will be adjusted, will like and begin to conceive is better all what you will meet on travel.

the Track national to this village does not grow even during the most crisis times. To admire, as there lived the poet, and to learn it aspire not only Russians, but also inhabitants of abroad is better. Near a museum we have met small delegation from China. One of sons of Heavenly Empire, desperately putting not there accents, recited: I do not feel sorry, I do not call, I do not cry ... By the way, in spite of the fact that time just approached to lunch, tourists were already tipsy. Probably, have decided that on a visit to to the singer of Moscow kabatskoj it is necessary to come in such prepared a kind.

What to look?

On a broader scale - that beautiful in Konstantinove is the nature. If to go there now it is possible to understand, whence Sergey Aleksandrovicha had SUCH inspiration. Inspecting the picturesque vicinities, coiling small river, and the village costs on its high coast, and it would be desirable to speak verses... And still to sit on a shop, having rolled up eyes, and to inhale spicy aroma of spring. It is good that have the day before freshened in memory eseninskie verses: to read them here soul asks! Than, by the way, almost all tourists also are engaged, sitting on shops, in passing drinking and having a snack.

However, it is possible to have a snack and recite and after excursion. To fans of poetry will show the whole complex connected with Yesenin: zemskuju four-class school, the parental house, church where have registered a birth of small Serezhi and where it quite often happened, a literary museum and Lydia Kashinoj`s manor, that which image Yesenin has immortalised in a poem Anna Snegina .

If be going to photograph in a museum (there is what to embody), do not forget to buy the special ticket. The check save up to the end. Earlier it was possible for small, roubles in 30, a bribe to remove how much to a shower it is necessary. Now the check ask continually so zamuchaetes to pay.

the Suit of the present Ryazan muzhik exposed in eseninskom a museum.

Eh if our teacher of the literature so told about the poet as it is done by local guides, you look, verses we would know it much more! Sergey Aleksandrovich was, however, sorvigolovoj since a youth! Lined schoolmates to shirk lessons and instead of employment ran to skate, stole pancakes from the principal and treated with them companions. Perhaps, for this reason it have kept in the same grade?

Certainly very few people from us imagines Yesenin the athlete. However the bed of the poet in the house of parents will impress everyone. It is calculated as if on the teenager. However, the guide will tell at once that growth the poet was really insignificant - all - that of 1 metre 68 see.

In village it is possible to buy set of everyone suvenirki, connected with Yesenin. Here on the poet than semithousand persons work more! There are books with its verses, cards, calendar cards, and in local restoratsii submit vodka with the name short Yesenin .

How to reach

we Leave Moscow on the New Ryazan highway (5). Road good, indexes distinct. For 15 km to Ryazan there is a village Konstantinovo. Turn on it is designated by the huge index Welcome to Yesenin`s native land! . Here you will not miss.

Where to have a bite

For those who likes to stick to in all the set subject of a trip, perfectly will approach cafe Yesenin it is almost at once on entrance to the Ryazan region. Or already mentioned by us restoratsija in Konstantinove. The prices moderated. Especially if to do without some alcohol.


Distance - about 200 km

Time in a way - approximately 3 hours

As always, we advise to leave before, not to rise in traditional country stoppers.