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About the ABM (and not only)

I do not want to seem the grumbler. Diplomats Russian as almost always, were good fellows and, on - to mine, have squeezed out a maximum of a minimum of possibilities of influence on the vis-a-vis. Dmitry Medvedev has managed to find a correct tonality of dialogue with Obama. And the rights our president, ascertaining that as a result of document signing lost is not present . But about any fatal fulfilments if it is fair, it is not necessary to speak too.
To be the non-believer in Fominu week risky. And here expert - it is useful. Russia has defensible reserved withdrawal from a treaty possibility on SNV if the American system of antimissile defence (ABM) in Europe let not at once, but essentially affects efficiency of the Russian strategic nuclear forces. It, probably, will influence.
on the eve of a meeting in Prague US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has notified the world that the document does not establish any restrictions on our plans on the ABM - now, in the future . The permanent Minister of Defence of the USA Robert Gates (that Bush - younger that Obama - to it all the same), put forward in December 2006 - go idea about placing of interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar in Czechia, after three years has simply improved it. The first stage of the new plan will come to the end to 2011 - go. At first and soon in Poland, on base in Moronge, in hundred kilometres from our border, there will be rockets Petriot then the USA will place rockets SM - 3 by the ships. The second stage (it is probable, till the end of 2015) - the same rockets, SM - 3, but improved, land basing, will appear in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and, probably, Italy. The third - installation of rockets by the ships in Baltic sea (here the threat which is starting with Iran Possibly, it is especially great) and more more powerful land analogues. As a result Washington will have an opportunity to strike the first nuclear and other blows, effectively blocking reciprocal actions of the opponent.
to avoid a similar situation, in 1972 of the USA and the USSR have signed the Contract on the ABM, but in 2002 - m George Bush`s administration unilaterally left it. Now under shouts about the Iranian horrors the American interceptor missiles move all more close to our borders. In passing the Pentagon hasty carries out the program of creation of a new class of the non-nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles, received the name Fast global blow . It provides drawing of blows of huge destructive force on an every spot on the globe within an hour. At Obama financing of this program starting in the end of 90 - h, has sharply increased. The purpose - that years through five all it was ready. The first tests of the Air Forces of the USA will make next month.
Potential the asymmetric answer Moscow of which our politicians like to frighten Washington, it is not absolutely clear. The descent planned for May to water of a multi-purpose nuclear submarine of fourth generation Severodvinsk equipped with cruise missiles of distant radius of action (they are capable to bear including nuclear warheads), it seems it is unique the logical. Very few people will consider Russia deprived of powerful strategic nuclear arms, the great power, whatever sljuni were started up now.
Albert Einstein posesses words: Liberation of force of atom has changed everything, except for our mentality . Truthfulness of this sad supervision, alas, has not been denied past week and will not be denied on laying ahead.

This photo is made in the middle of 90 - h at factory on recycling nuclear boezarjadov in Arzamas - 16. Then we cut our warheads, as mushrooms on autumn. Americans wait for the same speed from Moscow and now. But are, seemingly, ready to hide in a sleeve some nuclear trumps.
a photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN
If the USA really wanted to show peace loving intentions, they had a brilliant chance. In Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and Belgium the American tactical nuclear weapon - approximately 200 units, relicts " till now is saved; cold war . In The concept of development of nuclear forces the next decade, published on Tuesday, repatriation of these relicts Obama has not brought, though the government and Germany, both Holland, and Belgium officially asked them to clean. Judging by various information leakages, on May, 1st the NATO commission of experts led by Madeleine Olbrajt`s former US State Secretary recommends to save this weapon in Europe for future the auctions with Russia. Danger of an attack of the Soviet tanks to Berlin or Bruxelles is really great!
Today and tomorrow in Washington - the summit on nuclear security where Israel which does not sign the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon is called and already has in the arsenal, according to experts, not less than 200 nuclear bombs, but its antipode Iran is not called (17 - on April, 18th last will spend own international conference under the name Nuclear energy - for everything, the nuclear weapon - for anybody ) .
the Former head of IAEA Hans Bliks specifies: it is difficult to avoid impression that the approach to Iran - frequently haughty and topornyj . Still three years ago all American special services - 16 pieces - in a unison have informed: to create the nuclear weapon Iran has stopped attempts in 2003. What for complexities at negotiations with it? As far as it is known, now the problem rests that Teheran, lawfully aspiring to develop atomic engineering, wants to exchange low - and vysokoobogashchennym uranium in the territory under IAEA supervision. What in it unacceptable and why? The distinct answer is not present. As well as new proofs (well though any!) That Iran tries to catch the nuclear weapon. What for forcing of passions, sanctions?
And why them not to enter then at the same time against Israel? Having learnt, what leaders of Turkey and Egypt are going to bring up at the Washington summit a question on the Israeli nuclear weapon, the prime minister - the minister of this country Binjamin Netanjahu (with insult?) Has decided not to go to the American capital (its place the minister of affairs of investigation and atomic energy Dan Meridor will occupy). But hardly earlier the assistant to the head of foreign policy department of Israel Daniel Ajalon has declared that the policy of uncertainty (there is at the country a nuclear weapon or not) is one of corner stones of the Israeli national security . There are no reasons that Americans or Israel changed the position - he has added. In 2009 - m Israel has rejected a shy appeal of the USA to join the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon. Nevertheless, when in May in New York conference on this contract will take place, Israel hardly will be it is isolated as has promised to arrive in the Prague speech with those who is malicious does not observe a non-distribution mode, Obama. Dependence American
politicians from the Proisraeli lobby is well-known. A leah has occurred revaluation of values and at us? If so about it it would be necessary though as - that to notify the people, instead of to store solemn silence.
I, by the way, do not exclude that the possession Israel the nuclear weapon followed, having proved, to legalise. Preservation the status is simple - kvo looks too cynically. People nowadays cunning, on the Internet sit, Thomas non-believers.