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Well, with day of the cheapskate!

that first of all comes to mind when we hear a word advertising ? Probably, irritation. Especially, if it is a question of advertising television - that that prevents to look favourite films, interrupts football matches on the most interesting place and on a broader scale amazes with the nonsense. However, probably, we are unfair to these as them sometimes name, promo - video. After all many of them are removed talently, and some have presented to people the expressions which have become by the winged.

90 - e: Aunt Asya and the trainer - a beast

Certainly, advertising was and on the Soviet TV, but it reminded a pension variant " more likely; Shop on a sofa . And only in 90 - e there were all components necessary for bright rollers in the name of directors with good imagination and customers with the big money. Both and others thought of those on a substantial scale, the result was corresponding. For example, in 1992 in Russia there were original advertising serials - that is some rollers united by the general heroes and the purpose, consisting in propagation of a concrete product or a type of service. The most popular and discussed became Leni Golubkova adventure, the person from the people which have enclosed blood in the tickets MMM . Spectators tensely watched Lenej and its native, growing rich from a roller to a roller. Its dispute with the brother, in which Lenja became the saga culmination about Golubkovyh, rejecting charges in desire quickly and easily to earn, declares: I NOT the CHEAPSKATE, I the PARTNER! the phrase there and then became winged. And even the subsequent exposure MMM has not affected popularity of this saying. As, by the way, as well as on popularity of Golubkova to Laziness, is more exact than actor Vladimir Permjakova.

And still sketches from life of Laziness and To have been removed enough prostenko, and young directors - advertisers wanted to flash skill. And soon in a teleether bank rollers " have started to appear; Imperial removed really with the Hollywood scope (director Timur Bekmambetov as if had a presentiment of the future debut on to factory of dreams ) . Each of 18 rollers made with 1992 for 1997, represented a separate historical film. But least scale of them was remembered. It has been devoted dialogue of count Suvorov and empress Ekaterina and has left an indelible trace in human hearts a remark of the commander: TO the FIRST STAR it is impossible!

TV presenter Vladimir Tishko in detergent powder advertising threatened spectators: We go to you!

Similar global and prodigal projects the Russian advertising market did not allow further itself. It was necessary to come back to matters ordinarier, that is to advertise household chemical goods, and rollers became easier, and slogans it is more clear. In 1996 business was entered by the comely lady of average years (the actress Tatyana Tashkova), always having at itself a bleach stock Ejs in Russian variant altered on the Expert . The lady was called aunt Asya, and by rollers in which the aunt rescued the bleach that one other unlucky family, were immutably accompanied by joyful children`s squeal and shouts: AUNT ASYA HAS arrived! . The phrase became practically a synonym of expressions of type again twenty five it designated something unpleasant, but inevitable.

And in the end of 90 - h advertisers as if having agreed, have forgotten about an art delicacy, have spat straightforwardness and were accepted jumorit. 1999 became the present fireworks, presented to us weight of witty advertising. it is necessary to MEET is more often! - Muzhiks in advertising told beer the Gold butt . The people simply could not disagree! our TRAINER - SIMPLY BEAST! - confirmed rolling from advertising of sweets the Rondo looking at the puny trainer. Naturally, since then each trainer in the country became a beast . A rare creative success - one more roller from rondovskoj series became a national hit. Remember, where the husband - the henpecked, justifying before by itself, awesomely says: HAS told To MUM - MEANS To MUM! it is interesting that the director of these clips was... Timur Bekmambetov!

Well and how not to remember one more hit - 1999 - advertising by an engaged hair transplant of company Real Trans Hair where the immortal sounds: And YOU, BALD, I PHONE WILL not tell! it is terrible to present, how much time the Russians deprived of a violent head of hear heard then in the address this phrase.

2000 - e: They go to us!

Lenja of Pigeons and its advertising adventures - an embodiment of dream of the Russian person about fast and easy money.

In zero the advertising humour became less intricate - we will remember at least year 2000 - j, promo - beer campaign the Fat man her face, actor Alexander Semcheva, and pearls: YOU WHERE were? - BEER of SAWS! and MUZHIKS - THAT DO NOT KNOW... the people have picked up these phrases instantly!

However, not only advertisers have taken care of a working class lexicon, but also about a lexicon of club party-goers. It it in 2001 was presented by beer advertising Capital a phrase - podkat : you WANT, I WILL guess, WHAT IS YOUR NAME? a roller, in which guy (actor Andrey Tchernyshov who has become then, as well as Semchev after the Fat man a star) smartens up before a campaign in club, has turned to the present telesmash hit.

did not doze in the meantime and followers of aunt Asya, too decided to make advertising are more ridiculous. In 2002 for powder propagation Tajd the ingenious slogan has been invented: ALL OF YOU STILL BOIL? THEN we go To YOU! the phrase has got accustomed so that it sounded even jokes of political character - for example, one of the Internet - caricatures on eks - US president Bush - younger has been signed so: All of you yet do not believe in democracy? Then we go to you!

In 2003 has shot one more advertising campaign. Remember a roller about the nervous seller questioning: HOW MUCH to HANG up In GRAMS?! And the smiling car mechanician lifting a glass with words WELL, With DAY of the TINMAN! ? Probably, clips were already erased in memory, but both phrases continue the successful existence.

Hardly you restore constantly a plot of advertising of beer Tinkoff (2004), but a slogan IT SUCH ONE! till now use at a congratulation of the men which surnames come to an end on ov .

advertising of insurance autopolicies, in which, besides become by the motto of all promo - actions - " became the Record; ALL HAS correctly made! other pearl which in a trice has turned in the classics, - " contained also; WHAT we STAND, for WHOM we WAIT? here so, one roller - and at once two popular expressions for all times!

Alas, this victory which has taken place in 2005, has appeared pirrovoj. Since then any commercial has not presented to us an introduction on every day . Advertisers, do not forget - the spoken language waits from you for new masterpieces!