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The astroforecast for nizhegorodtsev for today, on April, 22nd

the Most suitable time for end of important issues. If in a difficult situation you manage to save endurance - affairs will go uphill. Today it is recommended to supervise the thoughts and feelings, trying even to cause mentally to nobody of harm.

Relatives will be glad to participate in your projects so seize the moment! In professional sphere the success can be caught by means of originality, unexpected actions, and, besides, the help of associates.

it is necessary to be more attentive to partners in marriage and their needs. From - for abundants of new ideas it is possible not to have time to make the planned. You will be involved with travel, other cultures, affairs with foreigners. It is good to study languages.

Cancers will be visited by sound thought that would be quite good to seize any new skills. Open to new knowledge and impressions, and it becomes for you the beginning of a new vital stage.

the Lions who have been carried away by the decision of personal problems, risk not to notice the changes occurring to children. Increase tselitelskie abilities, there can be a desire to change life priorities and some habits.

the Love and creativity will give forces on all other affairs. And here your doubts in own forces can detain advancement to success. Relations with an opposite sex, especially with representatives of elements of water is interesting develop.

the Planned plans will be executed in record-breaking short terms (under condition of due concentration on these plans). Probably, you will want to reconsider, on what you spend the free time. New acquaintance will bring pleasant changes in your life.

to the Majority   Scorpions is better today it is worked alone, than in collective. Occurrence of visitors in your house will be accompanied by opening of new tempting prospects. It is better to refuse today a spicy food.

to Sagittariuses, possibly, it is necessary to show insistence for more effective interaction with partners. Do not give in on arrangements of what plans disperse from yours - there is a risk to appear the simple executor of another`s will, and it now is completely not necessary for you.

is better to execute all stages of work independently: only in this case you can be assured of result. Reception of the helpful information on a new source of the income is probable. Good time for dialogue in informal conditions.

The more actively you will use the abilities, the faster they will develop, and on the contrary: without the use all skills and knowledge will start to atrophy. Financial questions will demand fresh decisions, participation in new projects.

now see associates through and, in addition, possess huge force of suggestion. Day is ideally suited not only for forming of desirable communications, but also for work on self, disclosing of all potential possibilities.