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As to the businessman to obtain the credit in Tatarstan

All stirred the same question a leah to Really representatives of small and average business to obtain the credit in Tatarstan?

Victor Gusev, the businessman:

- the Question on availability of credits ambiguous. Someone drive on a circle, to someone refuse, to someone easily give the big money

I at all I do not want, that me fed money, the real help is necessary - that have explained how to be perfected, develop business.

I Think, a problem not in inaccessibility of credits, and that the state structures supporting businessmen, and banks are not always ready to meet half-way the real businessman, do not try to come nearer to it, to understand its problems. But   in this business I while do not feel blood interest!

Foat Fatkullin, the farmer:

- Now there are no problems to receive the earth. In our Vysokogorsky area in this plan all conditions for farmers, for example, are created - only work! But it is clear that without the money, any additional means any business cannot develop. Many aspire to expand the economy, but to make it without the credit it will not turn out in any way. Credits are the heaviest question for all businessmen. All banks necessarily demand pledge. But a problem, I think, at all in it. Many businessmen working on village, have a technics, real estate. Why to banks not to arrive, not to look, not to consider all it as pledge? But why - that there do not come

Paul Sigal, the vice-president of the All-Russian public organisation of small and average business the Support of Russia ; the chairman of the council on economic policy and business at the Main Federal inspector on RT:

- Distribution of free credits is a way in anywhere. The one who   will risk it to be engaged, very soon to be ruined. And when we abuse banks, it is necessary to understand that they give out credits time money which they have received from investors, investors. Yes, from - for crisis credits became more expensive, it became more difficult to receive them, but the system all the same works. Because banks and businessmen cannot the friend without the friend. And in contradictions between them the real economy also is born.