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Magical love draws misfortunes

About what a film?

Throughout a picture the history of the young enamoured will be transferred to small town Kirillovsk located nearby to village Konstantinovo where there were events of the first part. Here   have been urged to run away from vindictive and near rural inhabitants of Zhenka and Alesha. On a new place they have new problems: money is not present, habitation too. How in such conditions to save warm feelings? As a result Alexey has a desire to remain to one, and Zhenki have an aficionado...

5 miracles Magical love

According to the director of a picture Vladimir Janoshchuka, Legends of magical love in the plan of mysticism will be more rigid, than the first part of a film. Perhaps, therefore and on a set at times there were surprising things.

1 So, throughout all serial during the different moments in different situations there are images of certain policemen.

- We have sewed for them special suits - black raincoats with a raven on a hand, - the costume designer Irina Gergel tells. - But as for this role there were no specially invited people dressed up in raincoats someone from the children. And so with those who put on suits with a raven, after a while there were any troubles: someone has broken a foot, someone have dismissed. As a result during shootings 3 or 4 persons have suffered from a role of the policeman.

2 In one of scenes Feodor (which Alexey Shevchenkov plays) should approach on police station on a motorcycle.

- But instead it has driven directly in a militian porch! - director Vladimir Janoshchuk remembers. - During the same moment from doors the present chief of this police station who does not understand that occurs jumps out. When began to find out, it has appeared, at our old motorcycle brakes have simply refused. The history has ended with that it was necessary to put a new tile on a militian porch.

3 In a serial the most advanced horses of a film studio - thoroughbred, ippodromnye, quick acted in film. They it is magnificent, it is very live looked in a shot, however it pleased not all actors.   one of the first the scene when the hussar who never sat on a horse, should shoot from a pistol at a chicken acted in film. To it distances specially of a quiet horse of Barsika, calmed that he will not run, and suddenly the horse as has incurred! As a result nobody has suffered - have caught both the hussar, and a horse.

4 During retrospective show shootings in the present manor of a XVIII-th century the rain, and then hurricane which destroyed all around has suddenly begun at first, broke trees. Three days the group sat without light, however work did not stop. Water it specially brought up, and the technics worked from own generators.

5 In spite of the fact that the director of a picture the person the believer, goes to an orthodox church, however superstitions concerns with watchfulness. For this reason in a film has not sounded any present spell. All of them have been thought specially up or processed.  


On shootings of a serial at Alexey Shevchenkova who plays Feodor, brakes at a motorcycle have refused, and it has driven in a police station porch.

Natalia Terekhov: Before shootings the Actress playing Zhenku consulted on the father

, does not believe in mysticism and considers that all goes from a head.

- I do not believe neither in sorcery, nor in fortunetellers, - Natalia has told to us. - in life I faced one grandmother. Znaharkoj or the fortuneteller - I do not know how to name correct it. And so everything that she spoke, has not come true. The unique case was in the childhood when in a garden, in pool, me have chilled ears and doctors could do nothing. As a result parents have found the grandmother who has prepared any wafers from grasses and has cured me. So I believe in grasses and national medicine more likely.

- Many actors are superstitious and are afraid to play certain roles. And you?

- In - the first, no trouble my heroine in a film does not do. And in - the second, I the person the believer and before acting in film in this serial, descended to the father. It has given OK, has told that you actors, reincarnate. And on a broader scale it is all game. After the termination of shootings I too descended in church. Also see, with me happens nothing. Fie - fie - fie! (Laughs.) I consider that all at the person goes from a head. If he believes in mysticism, means, in his life it it will be obligatory. However, actor`s signs I observe. If the scenario falls, of course, I will sit down on it. And still, before sneezing, I think of desire. In a year when acted in film Magical love I always thought of the same desire, and then sneezed, as though confirming it. Also know, at me all has come true!

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