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Hard this work - to feed an elephant with the behemoth

Figures impressive, but it and it is no wonder. After all the menu at dumb animals, as in the best sanatoria: pair meat, fresh fish, squids, porridge, exotic fruit, yoghurts...
For the nearest half a year to an animal table will be submitted by mounts of everyone vkusnjatiny. For example, 52 tons of meat of young bull-calves, about 5 tons of an import beef liver and hearts, 150 kgs of jam and one ton of salt. 28 more kinds of fruit - a persimmon, a papaya, avocado, dates and other exotic mixed up with apples and pears. In addition 19 kinds of vegetables and greens - from parsley to tomatoes.
However, except usual human meal, an animal will buy green branches of a willow, an aspen, a white acacia, a mountain ash, coniferous paws, mixed fodders, bran and more than 460 tons of hay and... Aspen kolja. No, not for vampires. For example, with kolev horses like to bark, and beavers sharpen about them canines.
- the Greatest gourmets - monkeys, especially small marmazetki, - has told the deputy director of the Moscow zoo on zoovetchasti Valentine Gorval. - very much they love something tasty - a mango, kivi, the grapes, crackling crackers. Medicines agree to accept if only to mix them with cherry jam.
for the Most big gluttons in a zoo elephants have a reputation. For one day one animal eats more than 100 kgs of meal: in the menu of these giants - carrots, cabbage, a beet, apples, bread, hay, branches with the green leaves, special mixed fodders.


such products are constantly included In the menu of animals of a capital zoo:

Monkeys - fresh salad, bananas, pears, grapes, a mango, kivi, nuts, jam, crackers.

tigers, lions, lynxes - crude meat (cleared of fat, but with bones, cartilages, sinews), corn.

walruses and polar bears - fish, apples, carrots.

snakes and other inhabitants of a terrarium - a live forage (mice, rats, porpoises, chickens, has sung).

Cranes - a grain mix, boiled eggs, carrots.

parrots - mixes from proparennyh and the sprouted seeds of wheat, oats, corn, and also porridges, fruit, boiled eggs, nuts. Sometimes boiled meat.

elephants - carrots, cabbage, a beet, apples, bread loaves, fresh hay, branches with the green leaves, special mixed fodders.

natatorial on ponds - a mix from the mixed fodders, grated carrots, a beet, apples, cereal grains, boiled eggs.

sea inhabitants - squids.

Lastonogie - fresh fish.

How much tenants in the Moscow zoo

According to last animal census in capital zoological park was:

- mammals - 163 kinds, 1345 copies;
- birds - 295 kinds, 2993 copies;
- reptiles - 180 kinds, 657 copies;
- amphibians - 34 kinds, 220 copies;
- fishes - 272 kinds, 1554 copies;
- bespozvonochnyh - 152 kinds, 1674 copies

In total 1096 kinds, 8443 copies (on 1. 01. 09).