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Tatyana Arntgolts: Marriage under the will has presented to me the husband!

we will remind, the picture outset is that. Provincial Sasha Kozintseva works in Moscow as the saleswoman, its young man is not going to marry it, money does not suffice even on payment of a demountable room, in general, all is nasty. And suddenly - the letter from notary`s office: Millionaire Teren Harper bequeathed to you of nine millions pounds sterling ! But for the introduction into the inheritance the girl needs to marry the son of millionaire James. For achievement of the purpose of the Sachet from the Russian girl it is necessary to become the present lady. The special command also helps with it under the direction of Urmasa Sholtsa to it. Having transpassed a threshold of the centre of preparation, Sasha Kozintseva ceases to exist - instead of it there is Sandra Sejmur...

bruises, grazes and the sad ending

- Tatyana, you for this role have learnt to shoot, skip on a horse...

-... Yes, but also the car has learnt to drive! I on a broader scale love the work and easily I go on foulness in shots. Of horses was afraid awfully, but all - taki has gone top. However, with a racer of the relation and have not developed: all strove ljagnut me, to throw off. Therefore before these animals I and have not got rid of the fear. But all is trifles because the role of Sandry is a magnificent gift for any actress.

- In a makeweight to it bruises, grazes...

- But the history has turned out beautiful! It is glad that the picture will be seen by spectators in Russia. In Ukraine Marriage under the will showed two times, and each time millions calls and letters with the request: Remove continuation!

- Probably, because the ending unexpectedly sad?

- Yes, but in life all has turned out! (Laughs.) All film crew observed of our relations with Vanej (Tatyana`s husband actor Ivan Zhidkov - a comment avt). And after all acquaintance has occurred casually. He why - that has decided to go for the company to the airport with our general friends who were going to meet me there.

- Also what - have seen and have fallen in love?

- so! Have met and did not leave any more. It was in February, 2008.   at me was having rummaged in shootings Marriage under the will it too was in holiday. All has twirled quickly. In March when shootings have again renewed, Vanja of one me any more has not released - have gone together to Czechia. And it there has shown all the rights to me! And the film considers partly as the though has not played any episode. Simply both in Czechia, and in Moscow where worked, almost always was with me on a set, has become friends with children and the director.

In life Tatyana - loving mother and the wife (on a picture - with husband Ivan)...

- did not forbid to execute tricks?

- Is not present, but worried. Also understood that I partly mad and desperate in this plan. Very much supported me, encouraged.

- Admit, to you it was terrible?

- I Was afraid, when otsmatrivala doubles. For example, in one of episodes of Sandra runs to the car in which, under the scenario, Urmas perishes. I look then at the screen: it appears, I by miracle have not hit a head about a stone, in millimetre from it was carried by. But without traumas all the same has not managed - once has strongly broken a foot. Doctors have greased a wound, have bandaged, and I have continued work.

it is hard to be the aristocrat

- As from the saleswoman to turn to the rich and refined lady?

is it has appeared difficult, I was angry much, even became hysterical. At first with director Vasily Serikov we have thought that no problems will exist, will think, to play the English lady! Also were mistaken. Because at Englishmen absolutely other mentality. And prior to the beginning of the film-making period almost two months me learnt to be the aristocrat. The choreographer put gait and a bearing. Other adviser learnt to etiquette. Explained nuances when the girl should rise, after what gestures or phrases can give a hand for salution. And I was such tired after shootings in films And all - taki I love... and heart of the enemy ! And here still constantly sounded All not so, give again - Here I also was angry.

- But after all there was also something pleasant?

- Certainly! Selection of hairdresses, a make-up and suits. All was sewed specially for me. There were the numerous packings, different variants of a make-up for Sandry in different forms: brides, wives and mums.

- By the way, and to you what Sandra is closer?

- Sandra - mum Is clear and close to me. Though then I played more likely instinctively, the daughter of Mashenki at me was not. Now I understand that this woman, with its warmth and calmness, most close.

... And in a serial it should master completely not female sciences under the direction of brutal Alexander Dyachenko.

- the Film now together with Ivan look?

- Is not present, it is impossible. We with Mashenkoj in Kiev, and Vanja in Moscow. We miss very much. It does not suffice us. But he has congratulated me, when has learnt that a film will show on the First channel. After all our novel with Vankoj has just had on shootings of this picture.

- And that it to Kiev has brought you?

- I Act in film in a warm family melodrama with the working name the Grass under snow . It is my first work after a break.

- Than kroha is engaged, while mum works?

- Masha walks, tries to sit down itself. To it seven months. At us already one zubik was cut! Has ceased to drag in a mouth all successively, probably, has matured.

  Marriage under the will Monday - Thursday/ 21. 30, the First channel