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Warm and fuzzy

In 2003 after deafening success 15 - a serial film the Brigade the producer   pictures Alexander Inshakov in interview declared that serial continuation will not be, because it cannot justify gangster Sashu White neither before itself(himself), nor before spectators. And nevertheless hearings about continuation Brigades continued to go persistently. Already Sergey Bezrukov repeatedly declared that is not going to act in film in the project, but its rumour again and again sent in the Brigade . Perhaps knowingly? Recently Alexander Inshakov in Dmitry Dibrova`s program it is temporarily accessible on the channel of TV the Center has declared that continuation all - taki will be.

- Since April, 1st the preparatory period which will last 3 - 4 months has begun, - Inshakov in conversation with us has classified all. - here enters both a casting, and the statement of actors, and search of a place of shootings. If all goes according to plan in the end of August we will start shootings. Now it will be not a serial, and the full length movie which at first will pass in cinemas.

- On a broader scale - that still one year ago there were conversations on continuation shootings, but all has decayed. Why?

- In - the first, were not the scenario on which it was possible to remove. Now only - only has appeared a skeleton which we we sheathe muscles . And money especially was not. And now here were. Be not stirred, not the budgetary! The state does not support such projects (laughs).

- But after all Bezrukov has refused to act in film!

- If Serezha will give OK, why is not present? Probably, he will act in film. I already talked to Katya Gusevoj. And on a broader scale it will be perfect other history.