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Music strictly in ears!

the known manufacturer of players and other pocket electronics the company iriver has reflected on the users. Music on these devices it is possible to put any, in high quality and on almost any loudness. Here only not always it happens conveniently: even in the noisy underground it is usually audible all melodies executed around to you. And if to include such at university at boring lecture? The angered teacher there and then will interrupt languid pastime, only here the trouble source hardly will manage to have fun together with all other audience.

new ear-phones iriver are deprived this lack. Itself dinamik is in the ear channel, and comfortable silicone overlays will reliably keep stirring melodies in a head of the investigator. The others will not guess at all that there something plays.

the model iriver ICP - 770 weighs only 10 gramme, and IEP - 300 - twice it is more, but reproduce more sated sound.

Blondes and blondes with a view of masking will accept a white variant of ear-phones, for brunettes, brunettes and other brown-haired women it will be more pertinent to choose a black colouring sound plugs .

In shops to buy new ear-phones it will be possible literally one of these days, the easy model will pull from a pocket of 435 roubles, and heavier and orotund 580 roubles, - to the student with the grant quite on a pocket will manage.