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One Radulov in the field not the warrior

After the Olympic Games the black strip for the head coach of Russian national team Vyacheslav Bykova has proceeded at club level. It Salavat Yulaev and could not orbit Gagarin`s Cup and has been brought down on approach by experts from Kazan. Already on start of a series pupils of Zinetuly Biljaletdinova have moved 3:0, and chances of Ufa to recoup looked scanty. Bykovu it was necessary to hope for Alexander Radulova`s joker. The superforward has helped to Salavat to pull out two matches, but on Saturday of one goal of Radulova it has appeared a little. Individual exploits of the Ufa titan have grown dim before a collective masterpiece of citizens of Kazan when Frosts, Kapanen and Nikulin joint efforts have built victorious a miracle - a goal.
Radulov in semifinal matches has hammered in five goals and has written down one goal pass in the active. It the best bombardir plej - off (19 points on system a goal + a pass). But this cold comfort for the Ufa star. After all Salavat the second year successively behind a clear advantage wins the regular championship, but still has never managed to reach the final of Gagarin`s Cup.
But Ak the Leopard as well as in last season, will struggle for the main hockey trophy. And in a case if in other semi-final the Locomotive will prevail against HK the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the ending there will be same commands, as one year ago when Gagarin`s Cup was privatised by Kazan.
to Vyacheslav Bykova`s Admirers after a departure of its club just right to strew a head ashes. But every cloud has a silver lining. Now Vyacheslav Arkadevich can faster start the duties of the head coach of a national team.

P. S. When number was imposed, it became known that the second finalist became HK the Ministry of Internal Affairs which in the seventh match of a series has changed the Locomotive with the bill 2:1 and for the first time in history will play for gold .
And At this time
Ovechkin has overtaken Crosby
Behind ocean time plej - off has not come yet. But Alexander Ovechkin has already shown that is ready to help to win to the command Stanley`s Cup. It having noted by a double in gate Atlanta Alexander the Great has overtaken Sidni of Crosby by quantity of the hammered washers and has headed race of snipers of league. On the bill of Ovechkina already 50 hammered washers. Crosby - on one has less.
Washington Alexander with the big separation heads standings of East conference, and the capital club for many long years is for the first time the real applicant for victory in Stanley`s Cup.
the Photo from site KHL. RU