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In Tver will construct new station

that in the regional centre there will be a new station of the wide public the assistant to the governor Konstantin Zuev has informed. There was it on   a press - the conference devoted to development of a passenger infrastructure.

Will construct it under the project of architect Andreas Hejna who has designed station in Lyons.

the Management of railway stations of the Russian Railway has developed the concept of an effective utilisation of stations till 2015. According to it, in a current of five years in territory of Russia should appear about ten stations of the European level. The number of lucky beggars included also Tver. The corresponding agreement between administration of the region and Management of stations is concluded in November of the past year.

- And what for to us new station? Ours like too quite good, - has taken an interest in regional Department of transport and communication.

- It will be even better. The European level with an infrastructure, gallery of boutiques - have explained there.

As have explained in Department, this project vysokobjudzhetnyj, only for working out design - the budget documentation it is planned to spend more than 8 million roubles, this money will allocate the Russian Railway.

However, the station with gallery of boutiques needs to be entered in the area near the station, and the church there should be shortly constructed. As the temple and trade will adjoin while is not clear. And it is necessary where - that to transfer the market near the station. Now on this point in question consultations of a city administration are carried out.

-   We were converted to the company which main architect is Hejn because the model of work of the French national society of the railways is considered one of exemplary in Europe. Now under the given project a spadework is conducted, - has informed in Management of railway stations.