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Peak of automobile thefts

In the last some weeks the number of automobile thefts has sharply increased in the Tver region, only past week in region have stolen 12 cars. For a month the number of stealings has increased almost three times.

Raskryvaemost by this kind of crimes is low enough, to find without delay it is possible about one third of stolen cars. Yesterday, on April, 20th, in region it is fixed three thefts of a car.

the number of stealings Can grows from - for spring - with approach of warm days motorists become less vigilant, and car thieves quicker?

- We do not connect increase in quantity of stealings with seasonal prevalence. Spring here not and. And here to automobile owners, really, it is not necessary to be careless - to throw not closed cars, to leave the ignition key in the lock, having left for a minute, to park for the night at an entrance, - have explained in regional Management of traffic police.    

How to save a car from stealing :  
  - If have approached on shop or office and have put a car on the alarm system check up, a leah all doors were closed, pull. If the alarm system has not joined for any reasons, it is desirable not to leave a car without supervision, probably it is taken the bearings by car thieves, or in an alarm system charm the battery has sat down. In the latter case the battery is necessary for changing.

- Whenever possible establish additional protection frames on the car, for example, on the electric system of start-up of the engine and fuel giving.

- For the night leave the car on paid parking and thus necessarily demand the document confirming a finding of your car on parking.

- If at movement you have noticed that long time you is pursued by the same car, be converted on the nearest fast of traffic police.

- If all of you became a victim of car thieves, urgently call in a traffic police call centre: (4822 58 - 59 - 00 , or 02 . Inform special signs of your car, the registration data, a possible direction of movement. Before operations group arrival whenever possible interrogate eyewitnesses who could become witnesses of stealing.