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In what results a sting of the tick?

hi, Musja. We had recently a puppy of a dalmatian, we very much love it and very much we want, that he has grown healthy pesikom. Prompt, a leah so pincers how speak are dangerous? A leah it is necessary to protect a dog and a leah these means are harmful to people?

Lyudmila. Dolgoprudnyj.

- Pincers with whom neighbouring court yard are full, parks and squares, carriers of mortally dangerous disease - piroplazmoza (babezioza) from which the dog can be lost for some days. Your pupil, most likely, will not feel presence of a parasite as their saliva possesses anaesthetising action.

to Protect pets it is necessary, besides now it is simple. In pet-shops now a huge choice insektoakaritsidnyh means for dogs and cats with different degree and duration of protection and on any purse.

I recommend to the patients insektoakaritsidnye means Leopard : these are drops, a spray, shampoo or a collar. For long protection I advise to use drops on holku or a collar. After drawing the operating substance of a preparation gets in epidermis and is then allocated for a skin surface through a time. For   dogs, a cat or the person it   absolutely   safely, and here for pincers and fleas - absolutely to the contrary. the Leopard will paralyse and kills a parasite before he will be in time   to bite and infect your favourite. These preparations reliably protect house pupils from an attack of pincers, fleas and other parasites on long term. You need to pick up only necessary period of validity and a convenient way of application - drops on holku, a spray or a collar.

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