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The second victim drunk eks has died - the militiaman

the Misfortune in Domodedove situated near Moscow was played Tuesday afternoon. The hope of Sheleg met at school 8 - summer grand daughter Dashenku, they together came back home. To an entrance remains no distance when on them on huge speed the jeep has taken off...

the Girl was lost under off-road car wheels. The grandmother has died next day in resuscitation.  

  - At the wheel there was a man in the militian form, - eyewitnesses of tragedy tell. - he was on the last legs - was so drunk. And nearby the shop grocery - it there behind vodka went.

Soon the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs recognised: on sidewalk has left 28 - summer Sergey Mamohin, it till April, 16th was the senior lieutenant in group of immediate reaction of Department of Internal Affairs Domodedova. Has left some days before tragical road accident.

Dashi had an united family.
a photo: Marina VOLOSEVICH

- Our Dashenka only perfectly well studied, all diary was red from pjaterok, - mum and the father of the lost girl tell. - here on this diary on us also left: in it phones of parents are written down...

the Babe studied on one five
the Photo: Marina VOLOSEVICH

- We in one day will bury them - on Friday, - Irina, aunt Dashi speaks. - At the grandmother would be birthday - 61 year...

In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region have already incurred the organisation of funeral. The former colleagues Mamohina even have handed over blood for the wounded grandmother, only, unfortunately, was already late...

the Grandmother and the grand daughter worshipped in each other
the Photo: From family archive

And though in militia say that the driver - the murderer has left at own will some days before tragedy, and for work went only to drink with the former colleagues, Sergey Mamohina`s parents in it do not believe.

- It from work came back! - the father of the militiaman Alexander Borisovich assures. - It on Monday took up watch.

If inspectors will prove Sergey Mamohina`s fault, to it threatens till nine years of prison. By the way, Sergey too has a daughter: to the girl five years.

At the militiaman - murderers too are the small daughter... a photo: Schoolmates. ru