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In Tula FSB museum

in FSB Management on the Tula area has opened Today the museum has opened.

Its opening   it has been dated to 65 - letiju Victories in the Great Patriotic War, and also 92 - letiju the Tula FSB.

the Big support and the help in exposition filling was rendered by a museum a Kulikovo field .

the First   a museum hall   security services   it is devoted the beginning of activity of Tula FSB,   before People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs, and also activity of security officers at the time of the Great Patriotic War.

In Tula FSB museum has opened. Even more photo in a photo gallery on  
the Photo: Alexey FOKIN

- 92 years ago FSB creation, in   those times of GubChK, in our region was very difficult action, - the employee tells a press - services of Management of FSB on the Tula area Alexey Safronov. - It has appeared on April, 18th, 1918.

the armored car became the First gift from the authorities, after all in those days in the USSR Civil war was conducted. Enemies was much and to struggle with them it was necessary to the Tula security officers.

work and at the time of the Great Patriotic War did not stop.

In the second hall of a museum it is possible to see results of activity FSBshnikov during the last years.

For the clear reasons to photograph exhibits to us have not resolved.

the Separate place there occupies the stand devoted to fight against corruption.   on it   it is possible to see acquaintances   to all inhabitants of Tula of a surname: Severjugin, Resh, Gorbunkov.

Also at the stand the false dollar denominations appearing in sensational cases of these officials are presented.

In the same hall it is possible to see business known there is no time Isakovsky grouping and also the weapon withdrawn from   this gang.

did not remain without attention and espionage activity in our area.

For example, in territory Tula   areas some years ago operated two employees of CIA. Their photos can be seen in a museum.

the Place of honour in the second hall is taken away   to the employees who were lost on duty.

So, for example, in days of their Great Patriotic War was 17.

- We plan to lead excursions for schoolboys and students, truth to photograph in a museum it is forbidden, -   the employee has summed up a press - services of Management of FSB   on the Tula area Alexey   Safronov.