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April: a leah we sow a garden radish and we equip beds

it is chosen SAFE CHEMISTRY

It is possible to manage in a garden without chemical preparations? It would be desirable to grow up non-polluting products.

- barhattsev, garlic, a wormwood and other plants it is possible to constrain infusions only development of illnesses and quantity of wreckers. However it is a labour-consuming and ineffective way of protection of plants, especially if weather favours to distribution of wreckers and diseases. It is necessary to do processing by infusions and broths not less than 15 times for a season. And their action is short and ineffective at the moment of epidemic. The negative relation to chemistry has developed basically from - for its wrong applications, incorrectly picked up preparations, and also non-observance of terms of processing and a dosage. But without these preparations with wreckers and illnesses not to consult. Last years appears more and more malotoksichnyh, but enough effective immunostimuljatorov. Their application demands observance of the applied instruction.   without chemistry to you not to manage, but to use it it is necessary with mind. Remember that to apply protection frames follows in an initial stage of occurrence of wreckers and illnesses.  


At me and neighbours in country co-operative society a third year the clumsy potato (all in bugorkah, the wrong form) will be born. I can not understand, that does not suffice this culture? Advise what to do?
Valentine Ivanovich.

- it is possible, on your sites too dense soil, therefore a potato cannot form tubers of the correct form. Necessarily loosen the earth, do not suppose, that on its surface the firm crust was formed. Then tubers will normally develop. Quite probably that the potato is amazed parshoj. In that case on tubers appear bugorki and roughnesses. It is not necessary to put a potato some years on one place. Is better for landing of this culture choose territory after bean or other plants, but at all paslenovyh.  


I Want to grow up this year on the site cucumbers. When is better to sow seeds on sprouts?

- usually manufacturers always write this information on the back a bag. As a rule, cucumbers on sprouts we sow in the end of April - the beginning of May. If you grow up them in a hothouse is better prefer partenokarpicheskim to hybrids. They do not need pollination by bees, therefore with a crop will be always.   Remember that it is necessary to water cucumbers with warm water. And at occurrence of the present leaflets - they usually have a characteristic relief - it is possible to replace plants in separate glasses to (dive). This procedure is useful to cucumbers and helps to grow up on a window sill thickset plants.  


At me on a site the hothouse but while it is empty is established. Advise, what cultures can be landed in shelter already now?
Marina Ilyin.

- at the present truck farmer even a small plot of land always in the price. If at you on a site the hothouse it is time to start working is established. To land there sprouts of tomatoes still early, and here to sow a garden radish and salad it is already possible. In - the first, it considerably will improve soil, after all plants should be alternated, and the early crop still has prevented nobody.   therefore now in a hothouse we dig over soil, we do superficial grooves, and then it is spilt by their water. From above seeds slightly we powder with the earth. That there were fast shoots, cover our bed with any ukryvnym a type material lutrasila or spanbonda. Only here do not forget that the garden radish is a fast-growing vegetable which simply does not transfer a drought, therefore do not forget about watering. As soon as will notice the first leaflets, do not forget to remove additional shelter. In May it is possible to reap the first crop.    


Heard that the crop quite often depends on an arrangement of beds. How correctly to place landings?

- In a midland and in areas where plants do not have no sunlight, beds it is desirable to have from the north on the south. In a southern zone - from the West on the east. At the first placing of ridges of a plant at midday receive the sunlight maximum quantity. At the second arrangement bushes protect each other from burning sun rays.   a leah


It is necessary to bring under vegetable cultures in their growth mineral fertilizers? Leah can increase from it quantity of nitrates in fruits?

- the majority of soils of our garden sites do not differ high fertility. They have low level gumusa, heavy and more with sour reaction. Such soils are especially poor nitrogen, and quite often phosphorus, potassium and calcium. Organic fertilizers should be the basic source of nutrients. On each square metre of a vegetable bed annually it is necessary to bring not less than 6 - 10 kg of organic chemistry.   nevertheless it is necessary to feed up vegetable cultures mineral nitric fertilizers. The norm of top dressing depends on fertility of soil and a status of plants. Do not forget about terms of entering of these fertilizers. Most effectively to apply them later 15 - 20 days after shoots or sprouts disembarkation. To finish top dressing by mineral nitrogen follows a month before harvesting. Consider that increase in quantity of nitrates in vegetables - result not only excessive top dressing. The reason can be and zagushchennost plants. At use of mineral fertilizers, especially nitric (urea, ammoniac saltpeter, potash saltpeter, etc.) Follow a rule: it is less better, than it is more.   the LEAH

prorashchivat the POTATO?

Prompt, a leah it is necessary to prepare a potato for landing or it is possible to manage easy without it?

- certainly, it is possible to put and unprepared tubers, but in that case it is necessary to wait for shoots longer. Therefore is better not to cancel this procedure. Now it is a high time to check up, how tubers have wintered. Get them from storehouse and select equal potatoes without stains and damages. The ideal size of landing tubers - about pigeon egg. Approximately for 2 - 3 weeks before landing we transfer a potato to a room and it is displayed on a floor, only try to avoid the close neighbourhood with the battery. Otherwise tubers can dry up. After a while it will be possible to notice sprouts, depending on a grade they happen different colour. There is more radical, but and more effective way to wake tubers. Potato it is stacked in transparent polyethylene packages, we water, and that its surpluses have flowed out, we pierce in them apertures. We hang out tubers where - nibud in a cool place, for example, on a loggia. In two weeks at such potato will appear not only sprouts, but also roots. It is necessary to land it - and in a week it ascends. Sleeping tubers can sprout not less than 3 weeks.