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Was ill during study? Money should return or zachest on the future

On the most widespread questions from the practice, the radio stations set by investigators experts of the Society of protection of the rights of consumers of educational services respond: vice-president Victor Panin and the lawyer Irina Lazareva


- Hello, it is Igor. My son studies platno, one semestre it seriously was ill (an otitis with complications) and could not visit employment. And money has been in this time paid. A leah we can demand their return as did not receive service from high school?

- you need to mean that the law allows to demand a refund for the rendered service only in case of contract cancellation. Better to say, if you decide to break off on a broader scale relations with high school, to leave it.

Pay attention: In such situation to you should return the paid money, but thus high school have the right to keep expenditure which it has actually incurred. It is a question of expenses on payment of rent of educational premises, utilities, protection and etc. - means for it are allocated anyway irrespective of, the student of employment visits or not.

In practice other variant is usually used. Frequently the student is interested to continue study, and the high school, as a rule, agrees to make recalculation of the paid money at acknowledgement of a good reason of the admission of employment.

for this purpose the student needs to put in the statement addressed to the rector, having put the medical inquiry on illness, with the request for tuition fee reoffset. In that case, according to the settled practice, high school transfers a payment for the future period of training.


the Same scheme is convenient for using to students - platnitsam, leaving in the decree. If training is paid till the end of an academic year, and to go on leave on pregnancy it is necessary earlier it is necessary to put in in administration the statement for payment reoffset for the future period, having put the medical inquiry from female consultation. After that for reliability (suddenly during holiday on care of the child documents will get lost?) Take in accounts department of high school the inquiry that money for study recalculation is paid and made.


- the Hope disturbs. At us the son studied in commercial high school. Has finished 4 courses and more one semestre. Then at us money has ended, and study in this high school should be left. Tell, what document should give out high school to the student in such situation - the academic inquiry or the diploma on incomplete higher education?

- since 2007 when amendments to Law item 27 " have been made; About education diploma delivery about incomplete higher education in our country is not provided absolutely not.

now anyway when the student leaves high school, without having finished education of corresponding level, to it the academic inquiry stands out.

it is important to mean that it happens two kinds.

1)       If the student has passed all grade levels, and for end of education it does not have not enough only total certification in akademspravke the special mark becomes. Such document grants the right to pass total certification in a year.
2)       in other cases the student gets the academic inquiry without the driver`s licence of delivery of state examinations and diploma protection. With this inquiry it can be restored in the high school or continue education in other. As a rule, thus there is a transfer on a course before from what the student was deducted.


is Sergey. Prompt: if student who has paid study, deduct for poor progress, a leah that can count it on return of a part of money? And a leah can keep thus high school the penalty?

in practice high schools quite often register in contracts with students a condition: If the pupil is deducted on poor progress to it the paid means do not come back. This rough infringement!

proceeding from the Law About protection of the rights of consumers (item 32), the student who has paid educational services, have the right to refuse them at any moment for any reason. In this case the executor (high school) should return the paid money minus expenses which already has had time to incur. And, the educational institution is obliged to document the expenditure: the pier, here is so much - that of money is already listed for the advance payment to teachers, it is so much - that - to the security guard, the cleaner and etc.

Any penalties and the other deduction which have been not provided by the law, are wrongful! Therefore, even if you have with own hand signed the contract with points on the penalty, a non-return of money and etc., these restraining conditions simply have no validity.

So the deducted student needs to be passed the statement addressed to the rector with the request to return the paid money in connection with refusal of execution of the contract on the basis of Law item 32 About protection of the rights of consumers .

the QUESTION - a leah the EDGE

Has the right to raise high school a payment?

- if in the contract on rendering of paid educational services there is no point on possibility of increase of payment the high school has not the right to lift it, referring to an economic crisis, financial difficulties and other troubles, - Irina Lazareva explains.

At the same time in practice many educational institutions bring in contracts with students point that the size of a tuition fee can be raised.

- alas, in the legislation for today there is no direct interdiction for entering into the contract of such condition though, as a matter of fact it is obviously adverse for the student, - our expert complains.

Theoretically before signing of the contract the entrant can be converted into court and appeal against against a similar condition, having referred to it kabalnost . However in practice of such cases yet was not.

so attentively read the contract still before will be going to arrive for paid branch of the attracted high school.