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The Kirov veteran will meet the president

this year the country government has invited three Kirov veterans to Victory parade. In Kirov candidates chose together with the veteran organisation. Also have chosen most - most who will be on Red Square in the most significant for them a feast. He is Dmitry Pavlovich Rumjantsev, Grigory Timofeevich Maltsev and Nikolay Aleksandrovich Morozov. For our heroes return tickets and celebratory suits are already bought. Yesterday veterans have met the chairman of the government and have communicated in warm atmosphere. Alexander Galitsky has addressed to men with parting words:

- the important mission, expensive our veterans is assigned To you, - Alexander Aleksandrovich was converted, - we for you will worry and watch on TV. This year on Red Square will establish plastic armchairs, after all long to stand to veterans hard. The main thing you do not endure, I know that this event for you is very disturbing.

to Troy kirovchan one will go to capital not, and together with the accompanying. Dmitry Pavlovich with the son-in-law, Grigory Timofeevich with the wife, and Nikolay Aleksandrovich with the son.

At a meeting Alexander Galitsky has informed veterans one more pleasant news. One of kirovchan will meet the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on May, 9th.

- We have chosen you, Nikolay Aleksandrovich, - was converted to the veteran Alexander Galitsky, - for all your merits.
by the way, Nikolay Morozov - the full gentleman of Orders of glory.