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Where in Kishinev to arrange picnic?

it is important!

For garbage in park or in wood you can fine

That can be better than rest on the nature? Only rest on the nature without penalties and preventions from guards. And after all nobody is insured: all parks of Kishinev, especially on feasts, supervise police patrols with enviable diligence. So, gathering in serene day for picnic, do not forget that for some like innocent entertainments it is possible to pay.
So, according to the Code about offences, for fire kindling in unadapted for this purpose a place the penalty at the rate from 200 to 400 leev is provided. Considering that places for this purpose adapted at us practically is not present, be vigilant. By the way, if from - for your fire the damage has been caused to green plantings with the penalty in 400 leev here you will not get off - it is necessary to pay at least in 10 times more.
one more sanction, and absolutely fair, waits for those whom have not taught to clean behind itself. If you have littered park or in wood - you can fine for the sum from 200 to 400 leev.
In our country on a mayovka traditionally not only eat a shish kebab, but also frequently flavour its fair quantity of alcohol. It too can facilitate a purse having a rest. So, for drinking of spirits in streets, stadiums, in squares, parks (!) In all kinds of public transport and in other public places it is necessary the penalty from 100 to 200 leev, and even public works on 40 - 60 hours.


to Fry shish kebabs it is not authorised in one of capital parks

it is important to notice that in one of capital parks to fry shish kebabs officially it is not authorised. There is no permission, but also the official interdiction too is not present. Therefore, whatever one may do, our fellow citizens continue each feasts persistently to smoke the sky .
As have explained to the correspondent in association the Green economy the authorities understand that, despite all preventions and requests, people will have a rest on the nature in the way habitual for them: with a fire and shish kebabs. And if it cannot be prevented, it is possible to close eyes, at least.
winking the covered eye, association the Green economy Does not prohibit cultivation of fires in such parks, as Ryshkan La Izvor and Bringing down Trandafirilor . Moreover, there all conditions for comfortable rest of townspeople have been created: shops, little tables, arbours, urns are established, glades are cleared away.
by the way, we want to warn in advance those who to shashlychka is eager, security guards in three parks set forth above are no more than security guards. And when they approach to you behind money for using a little table or an arbour, know that they on it have no right. It is public property, and it all interested persons can use.
it is necessary to pay only there where for good reason economic agents already undertook. So, for example, in a zone of rest at lake the Eight to you will give both a brazier, and an arbour. In general, any whim - for your money.