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The Tambov governor was reformatted

the Internet helps president Dmitry Medvedev to communicate with Russians. The head of the state has insistently recommended to governors by means of the Internet to trace public opinion and to react to complaints of inhabitants. The Tambov governor Oleg Betin has chosen an original format and has spent the first online - reception of inhabitants of area.

Dialogue of Tambov governor Oleg Betina (at the left) about the Internet - audience proceeded two hours.
a photo: Elenas KRADINOVOJ.

  One year ago there was an informal site Oleg Betina through whom he learnt about problems of fellow countrymen, received complaints and offers on different subjects. The head of region responded to the majority of references in a video format within all year. In this time Oleg Betin could estimate pluses of interactive dialogue and recently has initiated to transform a site http:// www. betin. tambov. ru/ in online - a reception.

On the first online - enrolment of citizens which lasted two hours, Oleg Betin has responded to 40 questions. And all has come more than 300 questions and offers, and not only from the Tambov region, but also from Moscow, other regions of Russia and the near abroad countries. The majority of them concerned problems of housing and communal services, education, roads, alkogolizatsii societies.

Points of open access

Tambovchane who do not have house Internet, also could be converted to the governor. In the central libraries of Tambov, Michurinsk and Uvarovo where so-called points of the open access have been created, to all interested persons helped to formulate and send a question. And many have used this chance. So, the girl - the invalid from settlement the Builder has asked the worker of library of a name Pushkin to send to the head of regional administration its request for a solution of a problem of water supply of apartment which is on the fifth floor. Water does not reach its floor, therefore the girl cannot use the washing machine, and erase manually it from - for illnesses of a hand not in a status.

Oleg Betin has reacted emotionally, having accused officials of housing and communal services of inactivity on the similar facts as such questions dare simply: it is necessary not to compose formal replies, and to establish the pump.
I want to become the farmer on Tambovshchine

the Letter from Kuzbas from the father of a large family, in which nine children, came to an end with the request to help to locate on Tambovshchine to be engaged in agricultural work. it is possible. Also it is not required the big money for a land acquisition for the conducting priusadebnogo economy, - governor Tambovshchiny has responded. - We will promote in picking up habitation in a good place, to get living creatures. In all rural territories we have a requirement for good experts, especially in compatriots .
Veterans - a subject number one on every day

the Majority of veteran references are requests for assistance in improvement of housing questions, in eradication of the official bureaucratism, and also the offer within the limits of the action devoted 65 - letiju Victories.

The veterans who were registered as needing habitation till March, 1st, 2005, have already received apartments or grants for habitation acquisition, - the governor has declared. - now the commission considers statements of the veterans who have converted after this date. The housing question will dare within all 2010. Can be converted not only veterans of war, but also the widow of front-line soldiers who also have rights to reception of preferential habitation though many at all do not know about it - Oleg Betin has underlined.

Now in work of 528 statements of veterans. we are obliged to execute the country leaders commission on maintenance of all veterans of the Great Patriotic War with the arranged well habitation qualitatively and in time. It is a moral duty before our fathers and grandfathers - such is Oleg Betina`s position.

the many-storeyed house in the regional centre warrants on residing in which many will receive on the eve of a Victory Day becomes the Present gift for the Tambov front-line soldiers. It already name the House of veterans. For its tenants on the ground floor the social block and a medical office are provided. And on kitchen of move-ins the surprise - the built in kitchen furniture expects.

we Will help also to many other veterans who are converted today behind the similar help, - Oleg Betin has added. - From the regional budget on repair of houses and apartments of participants of war it is allocated on 20 thousand roubles, for gasification - on 25 thousand roubles. If the estimate of expenses is more, we search for additional sources of financing, we involve means of local budgets, the help of sponsors .

On the eve of 65 - letija Great Victory on Tambovshchine some monuments are constructed, earlier erected monuments and obelisks are everywhere restored. To veterans pleasantly such attention of the power to a military history. During time online - reception the governor has received the request from inhabitant Uvarovo about perpetuating on stele a name of its relative who was lost in the war. Oleg Betin has charged to mayor Uvarovo to prosecute this subjects.
a hard line concerning bureaucratism

the Bureaucratic red tape spoils life to many people. Despaired follow the help directly to the governor, and it, having heard the next history, does not cease to be indignant: Really it was necessary to write to me on a site to solve an elementary question?
  the woman - frontovichka has lost the certificate of the participant of war and cannot restore it from in any way - for the official indifferences.

to Older persons it is difficult at decision of various questions to go on offices, to collect inquiries, therefore I have charged to all social services to do henceforth it on behalf of veterans. And those who will show the callous relation to needs of veterans, will be responsible - the head of region has declared.

Not less it occupies a hard line and concerning relatives of veterans who speculate on privileges of the fathers and grandfathers, for the sake of own interests having dared at forging of documents.
privileges do not happen

social protection Borders on Tambovshchine much more widely, than in many other regions much. For example, large families get the state support in eighteen directions. Last innovation - granting to the rural families nurturing five and more of children, financing on acquisition of a cow. There are no without support children - orphans. In 2010 it is planned to provide with new habitation 100 - 120 pupils of children`s homes. Recently standards of financing of habitation for orphans have been changed to the best - from calculation of 33 sq. metres to the person. The problem with granting to children - to the orphans, expecting habitation, a time place in a hostel dares.

During time online - reception Oleg Betin has assisted tambovchanam, needing gasification of home ownerships, maintenance with vacation packages in sanatorium, the organisation of care of patients and assignment for expensive treatment.

We know you as the competent and far-sighted politician, - spouses Gubarevy were converted to Oleg Betinu. - Both of us veterans of work and exempts, live in three-room apartment together with families of children. That is registered in apartment seven persons, from us have removed half of privileges merited by us. A leah fairly it? We think that this shameful decision which is running counter to plans of the country on increase of birth rate of children .

It agree with your reasonings, - Oleg Betin, - moreover has responded, on this question consulted to experts and I consider that it is necessary to change our regional legislation which in this case has repeated federal legislative norms . Offers on maintenance of financing of some privileges for veterans of work at the expense of the regional budget prepare.

Oleg Betin has promised the Question on preservation of federal privileges to lift before the government, the ministry of social development and public health services, the State Duma.
the Internet - users against alcohol and illegal requisitions

When Oleg Betin has made decision to transform the informal site into online - a reception, the design and site structure have changed. There were virtual boxes for messages on the facts of corruption, an abuse of power officials, about requisitions at schools and kindergartens, about trade in alcoholic drinks at night. The statements, which visitors of a site leave in boxes, are considered by law-enforcement bodies of the Tambov region. With their help the militia conducts aim struggle against self-racers, dishonest officials and workers of an education sphere.

We will struggle with alkogolizatsiej societies, - Oleg Betin has declared. - But it it is necessary to do in a civilised way. I would like to know opinions tambovchan on this point in question and I wait for letters on this site .


on April, 22nd governor Oleg Betin in online - a mode understood with problems   in an education sphere. An occasion to serious conversation of a steel of the reference about   requisitions at schools and kindergartens, and also complaints of teachers to the size of the salary.


the Site http:// www. betin. tambov. ru/ has appeared in March, 2009. Originally there was a platform for carrying out an Internet - conferences.

Through a site Oleg Betin not only answers the most different questions tambovchan, but also accepts offers under various public initiatives. Inhabitants of area were converted with the requirement to close game clubs, sent their addresses. The area management has supported the initiative on struggle against a gaming. As a result all constantly operating gambling institutions have been closed. One more major problem of a society - alkogolizatsija the population. It also has been designated by users that has in many respects predetermined introduction in October, 2009 of restriction on alcohol sale at night.