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Where will help development of the kid

Turn of the childhood arranges not all parents. That the kid harmoniously developed, he needs to visit various studios, mugs and clubs. How not to be mistaken with a choice? About it experts argued on a round table .

more than once wrote about a severe shortage of places in kindergartens. Bebi - the boom which the area observed the last some years, has added fuel to the fire. Kids grow up, and the place in the sun suffices not all. Parents get out who as can: nurses, grandmothers, fictitious sick-lists - go on much that children were under supervision. At whom possibilities allow, tries to arrange the child in a departmental kindergarten, but besides carries not all.

Marina Yepifanov - the chairman of committee of administration of Saratov by training.
a photo: Evgenie GUSEV

- the Administration of Saratov tries to solve this problem. All of us we know that during an epoch crisis 90 - h when practically at each large enterprise on balance the preschool centre was registered, the management made decision to get rid from unnecessary property and it is more favourable to sell premises, - Marina Yepifanov tells. - weight of examples when in a building of the former kindergartens now there are world judges, Office of Public Prosecutor, trade institutions. Now in 175 kindergartens than 21 thousand children are engaged more.

As Natalia Leonteva marks, the committee of a city by training realises also the responsibility before those families where parents are urged to solve a problem of employment of children.

Natalia Leonteva - the vice-president of committee of administration of Saratov by training.
a photo: Evgenie GUSEV

- the Child needs to develop, adapt in collective, to receive practical skills in the course of game. It is natural that teachers of various sections, circles, clubs and studios can help with it, - Natalia Leonteva marks. - But, unfortunately, to those parents who are converted to us behind advice recommend this or that studio we cannot. As simply are not familiar with a situation from within.

As Michael Orlov for today any of the centres has specified has no licence for rendering of educational services.

Michael Orlov - the chief of department preschool and the general education of the Ministry of Education of area.
a photo: Evgenie GUSEV

is means that the management of all studios of a city, and by our estimations, them not less than 25 - 30, cannot declare that conducts educational process. After all upon termination of employment in such centres on hands the certificate or the diploma with instructions of the received skills does not stand out. Therefore everything, than can be engaged in similar studios and for what to take money from parents, these are developing games and feasts.

Present on a round table heads of studios have disagreed with such statement of a question. For example, Anna Rudova it is assured: a basic difference between concepts development and education it is important only to philologists. And even if after the studio termination does not stand out any diploma (it, by the way, is not present and at release from a usual kindergarten where it would be in black and white written that have taught to write, read, consider and draw the child) teachers protecting the reputation will not spend simply money of parents.

Anna Rudova - the general director of the centre of developing innovative techniques in the spheres of education and cultures (studio the Harlequin ) .
the Photo: Evgenie GUSEV

- Development of some skills, for example, communicative, or increase of level of concentration of attention and memory size is a sphere of development, instead of training, - Anna Rudova marks. - the Area of developing activity of many children`s studios is much wider, than that educational institutions offer truly: ethics and an aesthetics, movement plastic arts, a variety vocal. Studio specialisation the Harlequin - developing courses for children with deviations in development - from formation of a small motility by means of musical employment before formation of speech and behaviour updating. Licensing of such activity is extremely complicated, and in some cases it is impossible, as it is necessary to develop individual receptions of development for each concrete child, to make unique grants which will approach particularly to this kid.

Oleg Urbansky - the director of the children`s centre Teremok .
the Photo: Evgenie GUSEV

Zynaida Kuzovkina and Oleg Urbansky and at all consider that any studio will not incur responsibility to occupy children for full day.

- it is not necessary to shift at studio responsibility for shortage of places in gardens. Developing studios initially reflected only as addition. The optimal variant: when the kid visits also a municipal or departmental kindergarten, and in addition is engaged in the specialised centres. Cost of one employment in to the Rainbow - 200 roubles, that is in a month turn out 1600 roubles that is commensurable with the sizes of a parental payment for a municipal kindergarten.

Zynaida Kuzovkina - the director of children`s club the Rainbow .
the Photo: Evgenie GUSEV

- Not a secret that many studios open in the former apartments converted under employment with children. And even if the management of these centres would want to be licensed for rendering of educational services it would become problematic. Requirements to licensing so rigid, what even municipal authorities not all pass these tests from the first. On one child 6 square metres should have, separate playrooms and a dream are equipped, is sports - an improving hall, the fire alarm system, special furniture. Besides, there is a weight of requirements to catering services. And if to consider that the majority of studios does not have premises, and there are only rent obligations the history with licence reception looks a perfect utopia, - Oleg Urbansky admits. - But it at all does not mean that studios render any nonprofessional services. In Teremke perfect teachers. And we not only will organise fantastic feasts in birthday of the child, but also we spend variety of developing employment. The developing centres are in demand at saratovtsev. As parents have the right to look as take place these employment.

it is important!

the Main advice at a studio choice - to listen to the child. If something initially is not pleasant to it, it is not necessary to force the kid force. Many studios offer trial employment, necessarily use it.

Where to give the child in Saratov

the studio Name

Age of kids

Phone (a code: 8452)

the Harlequin

from 2 till 6 years

street Chernyshevsky, 180 and Lermontov`s street, 25/ 2

28 - 07 - 45; 718 - 999; 403 - 401

Crimson sails

from 1 year till 6 years

street Pugachevsky, 91/ 99

34 - 55 - 72

Winnie - Down

from 1 year till 6 years

street Kutjakova, 68

533 - 423

the Emerald city

from 8 months till 6 years

street Chernyshevsky, 19, sq. 197

935 - 982

the Ship

from 2 till 6 years

z - I Country, World street, 5

35 - 47 - 83

the Fidget

from 1,5 till 6 years

street Ulyanovsk, 37/ 41

54 - 33 - 94; 71 - 39 - 59

the Image

from 2 till 6 years

pr - t 50 years of October, of. 123

90 - 68 - 16

the Rainbow

from 2 till 7 years

street October, 10/ 22

20 - 15 - 16; 280 - 780


from 2 till 7 years

Cathedral square, 1

77 - 01 - 31, 23 - 25 - 53

the Top - the Top

from 8 months till 8 years

street Cheljuskintsev, 151/ 161

26 - 49 - 26; 27 - 73 - 52