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Leah the formula of success for young scientists

Can the scientist if it not the Nobel winner, to have a worthy way of life? A leah is at the young men, wishing to devote itself to a science, chance to achieve a recognition and success and thus to obtain for the ideas corresponding material reward? In a word that today represents life in a science: creative search on the verge of beggarly existence or a good standard of living in a combination to pleasure of intellectual work?

Behind answers to these questions we have gone in OrelGTU - unique uchebno - scientifically - the industrial complex known for achievements of the scientists not only in Chernozem region, but also in all country.

the Door in a world science

In structure OrelGtU more than 50 innovative experimentally - the industrial enterprises, scientific research institute, problem and scientifically - research laboratories and the centres, design and technological bureaus. Students and post-graduate students can work within the limits of 35 schools of thought of different directions - from technical to legal and economic. The high school is the leader among the largest patentoobladatelej Russia. Only for last four years the complex has received more than 400 patents for inventions and useful models, from them nearby 100 have been given out students!

in general, scientific life here is in full swing, and scientific activity is not limited to frameworks of stands and faculties, and allows students, to post-graduate students and teachers to be an organic and full part of the world scientific community. Scientists of high school go by conference, exhibitions, training in many countries of Europe, to Japan and, naturally, across all Russia. Only recently two students of stand of instrument making have returned from the international exhibition to France where have presented the workings out on laser devices which can be used in medicine. Thus the high school finds means for payment of scientific business trips, to the aid in placing of publications in magazines. In general, in many directions incurs financial loading, and from science officers and students the main thing is required: desire to pursue science and, of course, abilities!

Consecration to Honourable professor OrelGtU of the winner of the State awards in the field of a science and technics, d. So-called, professors of the Moscow state university of instrument making and computer science of Century I. Osadchy (in the centre) with the pupils and followers (

How the Oryol state university managed to achieve such results in scientific activity and that offers high school to the scientists, to us pro-rector OrelGtU on scientific work d has told. So-called, professor Yury Sergeevich Stepanov.

- As our high school represents whole scientifically - an industrial complex, we have possibility to develop scientific thought and to introduce it in practice, in real manufacture. Despite crisis, for last year we have doubled volume of scientific works, began to participate more actively in numerous Russian and international projects, to win grants, to patent inventions. The rector of our high school Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Golenkov always was first of all the talented scientist and, only having become successful in a science, became the head. Therefore he not by hearsay knows that is required to the science officer, what support the high school can render to the students, post-graduate students to stimulate their scientific activity. We have reached very much high level. Today set of scientific successes can be defined in material expression - in those sums which bring our projects which are won in the form of grants by our scientists. 100 million roubles a year is, certainly, good indicator.

Any science is necessary only when it has a practical exit. In due time many industrial enterprises of area have been included in high school structure. And the high school has not simply signed with them the agreement as it becomes in usual practice, and became the holder of actions with the casting vote right. Thanks to it today OrelGTU have own platforms on which students, post-graduate students, teachers can work. There is a possibility to employ successful students. There is an exit of products of scientific activity in a practical plane.

the First steps

But we will return directly to a science. How to young men to make in it the first steps? After all the most difficult is has begun, when the future scientist should believe in itself, find the subject.

- Youth - our students and post-graduate students - define the person of high school, - Yury Stepanov speaks. - young men do often surprising opening, achieve dizzy success. Because the skilled scientist who thoroughly knows the area, thinks that all already in it is investigated, all is opened. The young scientist of it does not know, rushes to scientific search with a head and does new unexpected opening! At us many talented scientists and many perspective children!
  naturally, any opening and scientific achievement is possible only with a support on already available knowledge and with active support of colleagues. Besides bright scientific events happen not so more often, and usual scientific life is first of all work. And work of many people united by the general interest, the general idea, working within the limits of one school of thought. Probably, all successes of OrelGTU can be carried first of all on the bill of those people who the enthusiasm, fidelity to a science, infects with a keen interest younger colleagues who collects round itself perspective and talented children and gives them a vacation package in the big science - heads of schools of thought. It is possible to speak about each of them long, each of them - the talented scientist and the interesting person.

Day of a science in OrelGTU: winners of competitions of grants of the President of the Russian Federation for young candidates of science of 2010.

Only one of examples - Vitaly Ivanovich Kolchunov, academician RAASN, the honoured worker of a science and technics of the Russian Federation, the academic creative centre which has created in OrelGTU which is engaged in studying of questions of constructive security of architectural constructions, working out biosfernosovmestimyh objects of housing and communal services. He with the colleagues, post-graduate students, students is engaged in working out of projects of many buildings of a city of the Eagle, he voiced ideas of necessity of maintenance of harmony between the nature, the person and architectural constructions how it became fashionable to speak about ecological security of building objects.

Abilities to scientific activity can be shown at students and on the first courses, and on the last. Therefore teachers of high school attentively get accustomed to all perspective students, give the chance to them to test in scientific activity, help with working out of projects, preparation of publications, reception of patents. For this purpose in OrelGTU the department on work with the endowed students is created.

the Chairman of Committee of the State Duma by training Grigory Balyhin gets acquainted with the degree project of student OrelGtU Olga Zaharovoj Ancient Oryol kreml .

to give the chance to children to prove, declare the ambitions, and also objectively to estimate achievements of each student, in OrelGTU the special Internet - a portal " works; Knowledge . Any student can be registered on it, bring the information on the works, participation in scientific conferences, about publications, workings out. The rating of students as a whole on high school, on divisions, faculties and stands, in directions of scientific activity is as a result formed. And when once again there is a question on the one whom to recommend to reception of the presidential or governmental grant who will be included into the list of grant-aided students of the governor of the region, the high school management can operate with objective indicators, and the award is received really worthy it by students.

the Material question

If to speak about a status of a modern science and a place in it young scientists, it is impossible to avoid a material question. A stereotypic image of the scientist - the such talented disinterested person whom all time spends behind a desktop or among test tubes, and in the refrigerator at it a sphere drive, because money at its opening earns others, less talented, but more quick. But a leah corresponds this image of the validity?

- Today sane, capable scientists have a possibility to earn on worthy life, - Yury Sergeevich confirms. - There is a set of projects, grants, competitions which offer good financing of scientific activity. It is necessary to find such projects, to win competitions, to patent inventions. The formula of success for the young scientist should be following: excellent knowledge of the subject, foreign languages and the computer.

Certainly, begins everyone with a student`s bench, and the high school helps not only that gives necessary knowledge and experience that supervisors of studies direct at the beginning the wards. There is also a financial support of those who shows especial interest to a science. From off-budget means in addition to the usual the grant of the Academic council of OrelGTU is paid to the endowed students. Winners of competition of student`s grants of OrelGTU also receive the monthly extra charge to the grant. Additional grants are received also by talented post-graduate students of high school.

in the way beginning special support and attention is necessary to the future scientists, after all only in this case they will not leave in a pursuit of fast incomes in other fields of activity, spending the potential on trifles. The future of our country depends first of all on these children - today`s students and post-graduate students of OrelGTU whom, give them only time, will make more many for development of the Russian and world science.