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How to drive away affectionate gentlemen?

the RABBIT is licked

Our dwarfish rabbit has started to lick actively ours with the husband of the person, a hand, a foot of feet and even our pillows. What is the matter? Vitamins we give, a forage at it good...

- rabbits on a broader scale - that tender enough, affectionate animals, especially if contain not in a cage, and on free vygule. oblizyvaniem they show care and love to owners. A leah check up, however, always the rabbit in a drinking bowl has a water and a leah is at it mineralno - a salt stone (them sell in pet-shops). oblizyvanie hands (and on them usually always there is some quantities of the sweat containing salt) can be connected with a lack of microcells.


krasnouhaja cherepashka suddenly has ceased to open eyes. Why?

is widespread enough problem at young cherepashat which specifies in an infection of eyes. The infection develops from - for dirty water or a vitamin A lack (and sometimes and that and another). I would advise to show cherepashku to the doctor. If such possibility is not present, replace the filter in an aquarium, diversify a diet cherepashki. Feed to it products with the high maintenance of vitamin A (red fruit and vegetables) or give vitamin additives. Prepare a solution from 97 % of the distilled water and 3 % of boric acid. Twice a day wipe this solution of an eye cherepashki. Water temperature in an aquarium lift to 27 - 290 .


At our wavy parrot round a beak have dropped out all feathers. It constantly scratches this place. Pads have become covered cheshujkami, and the birdie became aggressive.

- Symptoms are very similar to defeat by pincers. For statement of the exact diagnosis you need to carry a birdie to the doctor. Before visitation of the doctor try to grease a beak and pads with birch tar or sunflower-seed oil. The cage and all subjects in it need to be disinfected. Mix with meal or water popugajchika special vitamins, as much as possible diversify a diet with greens and fruit. The LEAH

it is necessary to WASH the STREET CAT

We take in the house a street cat - have picked up one month ago after it was bitten by dogs. It would be desirable it to wash, before it will climb on all sofa beds. But I am afraid, a leah becomes it for an animal too big stress (in addition to moving)?

- On - to mine then it is better not to wash a cat. It will start itself to lick and becomes enough fast the pure. If a cat very dirty it is better to clean it shampoo powder - effective means! And more: If the cat has any skin defeats - deprive, the itch, - that after washing an infection will be carried on all its body. If the cat is healthy, it is better to process its spray from fleas, and every other day to start water procedures. To do it it is better so: take tazik for washing, a bucket for rinsing, kovshik for watering, a diaper for ukutyvanija. Water in a basin should be up to standard of a stomach of a cat. Put it in a basin, properly moisten wool, watering from kovshika. Then on wet wool put shampoo and soap   a cat, leaving a head as much as possible dry (ears it is not necessary to stop up, it is not pleasant to cats). We wash off shampoo, then we immerse a cat in a bucket to armpits and it is carefully rinsed. Further we turn in a bed-sheet and it is properly dried (promakivaem and it is wiped). It is possible to replace a towel and to repeat procedure. Is better to plant a cat in a warm place without draughts where it dosushitsja it is independent. If the beast does not mind, posushite its pleasantly warm current of air from the hair dryer.


At my dog has begun techka. We drive away country dogs a stick, and here one, well especially impudent, of a stick is not afraid. Also on us teeth shows, I am afraid of it, if is fair. How to get rid of boyfriends?

- It is possible undesirable gentlemen   to drive away by means of any cheap deodorant. The has more sharply and more oppositely begun to smell, the better. The citron scale especially is not pleasant to dogs. In pet-shops means " is on sale; antikobelin but, by experience of many owners, it operates very badly.   still it is possible to be reserved by a water pistol and to shoot on impudent gentlemen. For reliability the dog can put on special hygienic shorts (they are on sale in pet-shop).

FROM the TRIP To the CAR the PARROT CAN be ill

Our parrot all the day long languid, does not eat (except a peanut), from a cage does not take off. Even has not risen early in the morning and has not started to shout, as always. Perhaps we have overheated it a little when carried in the car from a summer residence? Yes, and more on a summer residence we have bought other forage (we has ended), but structure similar - dried fruits, nuts, dried vegetables and grains. And the parrot began to go to a toilet wet puddles!

- it seems To me, both factors - and a trip to the car have affected (at birds very often heatstrokes happen), and diet change. Parrots cannot so sharply change a diet, it can lead to an inflammation mucous intestines up to not infectious enteritis, and on this background nearby and to a bacterial infection. I would advise not to guess, and as soon as possible to carry a bird to the veterinary surgeon as without survey to appoint correct treatment it is impossible.

TEETH are cut. HOW to relieve the PAIN?

at our puppy labradora teeth changes, and at it gums have swelled, appetite was gone. The naked doll (so we him named) obviously suffers affliction from a pain. The doctor has told that it is necessary to rub in gums children`s kalpol, but gel does not help.
Igor and Elena.

- There is one old way, many factory owners successfully facilitate with its help shchenjachi travails. Buy in pet-shop a couple - a three of toys in a kind kanatika, connected by sites. Or simply take a soft rag, curtail a plait and fasten on it some sites. Then properly moisten a toy with water and put in a freezer. The puppy with pleasure then gnaws it, the original anaesthetising compress turns out. Ropes should be changed: while the kid of one plays, the second is frozen.


Recently we have moved to the new house, and problems with a cat have there and then begun. He does not want to live in the new house and all time comes back in old which is in 5 km from the new. What to us to do?
Semja Belkinyh.

- Such distant independent walks are dangerous enough to cats, therefore try - taki to stop all all possibilities of an exit of a cat from the new house at least within several weeks. Give to a cat of more time, play with it, communicate. Games very well help with these cases with the suspended toys. They contribute in removal of internal pressure and stress, and also strengthen muscles of a cat. In some weeks (at your presence) open a door of the house and check up reaction of a cat. If the cat all - taki decides to return to the old house, talk to new owners and ask them not to encourage ward of your cat, not to feed and not to caress him, and also to use bryzgalku with water every time when the cat pytatsjaf will enter into the house.