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Flights to Europe have renewed, but passengers on them do not come

- Planes of our airline since Wednesday go under the schedule without delays, - the assistant to the general director " speaks ; Belavia on marketing and foreign trade activities Igor Cherginets. - Flights are to Milan, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Warsaw, Berlin

- And the agiotage on tickets is?

- Is not present, there is other problem - people do not come on flight for not clear reasons. For example, hundred passengers have redeemed tickets, and from them 20 persons have not departed. Usually such does not happen. Than it speaks? There was a failure in aircraft, and people have become puzzled, have sharply changed the plans. Probably, someone has preferred to reach to Europe ground transport or to fly other flight. I think that so airlines will be in a fever still couple of weeks.

there is a QUESTION! Leah

Has settled a volcanic dust in Belarus after a rain?

Yesterday in Belarus has passed a rain, and in some areas even a sleet. But, despite it, appear, in the street it is very dusty. A leah has settled a volcanic dust on our earth?

- At us a usual April dust. We periodically fix the raised dust content in some cities, for example in Minsk, Grodno, Zhlobine. It was both before eruption of a volcano and after it, - has told to us Bogdana Kozeruk, the chief of department under the analysis of the information and forecasting of level of air pollution of the Republican centre of radiating control and environment monitoring. - as experts tell the CART, in Paris, Vienna and Berlin last week concentration melkodispersnoj a dust exceeded norm three times, but it is connected with meteorological factors. It is possible to tell that consequences of eruption of a volcano have not rendered influence and on a status of our air.