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Pardon words the Women who have heard apologies from the offender prolong life, but only to women

, will live longer

the Worth-while experiment the American psychologists from Medical college of Ohio have spent. To two groups of volunteers consisting of 59 women and 29 men, have given a mathematical problem which was necessary for solving for five minutes. Thus participants of both groups some times distracted, and in enough rough form hurried faster to carry out of the task. Then for the first group have asked a pardon, and at the second - is not present, informs scienceblog.

As a result it was found out that women from the first group five times faster on time have settled into shape, than before what have not apologised. At them for shorter time pressure has decreased, the nervous system has calmed down, palpitation was levelled. And as all these characteristics - indicators of good health psychologists have come to a conclusion: Women for whom have asked a pardon for unfair offence, can longer live.

and here on men a type phrase I am guilty (), excuse me unfortunately, the miracle property does not show. The matter is that men behave in similar situations exactly the opposite: apologies unsettle them, and they still do not know long time how further to react.

by the way, and you know, what it is possible to go mad of a chronic sleep debt?

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