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During week-end it is better to cores not to work

this week many have noticed that feel dickey: the head is turned, pressure skips That occurs? Us influence trees.

- This spring in air practically there is dispute plesennyh no mushrooms, but heavy conditions on pollen. This year the spring was early, warm, and have blossomed amicably in the end of March and a birch, both a poplar, and a willow. Together they aggravate influence each other. To days off air will be dirty enough, but rains which have now begun, properly will wash out it. And to May feasts the normal period will begin, - has explained the leading research assistant of Institute of experimental botany NAN of Belarus of Valentine Shalaboda.

Other reason of indispositions - atmospheric processes.

- the Organism consists of the cages which biochemical structure - molecules, atoms, elektrony - reacts to electromagnetic atmospheric processes. And it affects their functions: Not so heart is reduced, to other frequency there are angiospasms, pressure in arteries changes, - Tatyana Rutsky, the senior lecturer of stand of cardiology and rheumatology BELMAPO explains. - excitabilities of nervous system, secretion of cages which are responsible for emission of hormones change. And cages of other bodies differently react to these biologically active substances. All it in a complex changes state of health. People who have any diseases, are more sensitive to changes. Those who suffers affliction diseases of lungs, react to change of humidity of air. Especially meteozavisimy cores. Now weather has exchanged sharply with warm on the cold. Such changes call spasms, lifting or pressure decline, headaches, stenocardia attacks.



- to reduce physical activity,

- at an exit on a cold and a wind to put on more warmly,

- to stand at an entrance to adapt for temperature,

- under the recommendation of the doctor to increase a dose of the medical products on half-tablets,

- to accept the means lowering pressure.