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Veterans fly free of charge

Aeroflot to the first among the Russian airlines has started to give to veterans free places on the flights and this year carries out the action already in the tenth time. Annually this possibility use about 3,5 thousand persons. Other carriers have supported in due course an initiative - and only on aeroflotovskih lines for years of existence of tradition are transported 30 thousand veterans of war, blokadnikov Leningrad, prisoners of nazi concentration camps.

For many veterans from the CIS and Baltic countries this action - unique possibility to meet the family in Russia. And on a broader scale very few people from the people of advanced age receiving small pension, can buy the ticket aboard the plane. Especially if to consider that places of fighting glory are at times in thousand kilometres from their native home. This year veterans can visit not only any of the Russian cities, but also the far abroad countries - Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Czechia. Meet brother-soldiers they can and in the former Soviet republics.

Besides, Aeroflot has agreed with administration of St.-Petersburg and free of charge transports inhabitants of blockade Leningrad to vacation spots and treatments.

- Our traditional action in honour of a Victory Day is a tribute of memory to people exploit in the Great Patriotic War. Unfortunately, every year the quantity of honourable passengers, behind each of which heroic, and sometimes tragical destiny of the participant of the most severe war, decreases. But we try to do according to the lights everything that meetings of veterans with brother-soldiers have taken place, native that they could visit places of battles, assign flowers to tombs of the fighting companions, - the general director of the company " speaks; Aeroflot Vitaly Savelyev.

the Information on action conditions can be received by round-the-clock and multichannel phones Call - the company centre: (495 223 - 55 - 55, 8 - 800 - 333 - 5555 or having called from a mobile phone on paid number 0933, and also in the centres of sales and Open Society representations Aeroflot and on a site http:// www. aeroflot. ru/.