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The Kremlin front

That German pilots have not learnt the Kremlin from air, it in the first months of the Great Patriotic War have disguised. ( the detailed scheme look more low .) In the Kremlin fighting divisions, including antiaircraft calculations have been developed.

And still some times it was possible to fascists to find out the Kremlin: in 41 - its m bombed five times, in 42 - m - three. It has been dumped 15 demolition, more than 150 incendiary (termitnyh) bombs and two lighting. 92 defenders of the Kremlin have been killed, were missing and have died of wounds. But, despite it, the power citadel that is called, held front - here the staff of the Supreme commander in chief smoothly worked, orders to fronts and armies from here left... And many other things it is told about it in the book (it leaves in the end of April) The Moscow Kremlin in days of the Great Patriotic War . The edition was prepared by a group of authors under the direction of Evgenie Murova.

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the Kremlin during war

February, 1945 Stalin on a porch of Yusupov palace during Yalta conference. To the left of the leader - Lavrenty Berija. (Persons it is not visible, it is scratched out are have made after arrest of Berija in June, 1953)

Look a photo gallery: the Kremlin during war

Stalin (in an overcoat) examines new kinds of tanks and self-propelled tools in a courtyard about the Nikolsky tower of the Kremlin. September, 1943

Look a photo gallery: the Kremlin during war

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