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Underground of Bangkok have thrown pomegranates

On Thursday evening in the centre of Bangkok which here is in a fever some months from scale actions of opposition, have thundered   five explosions: according to police, malefactors have fired from a grenade cup discharge at station of the land underground Saladeng where big banks and other financial organisations are located.

Who stands up for this attack while it is not clear. But since the morning here there was a skirmish between oppositionists (or as them here name, krasnorubashechnikami ) And local residents. Opponents threw each other stones and beer bottles, but the police has quickly cooled fighters. According to all available information, at explosions one person was lost, 75 more have got wounds.

As a result of metro station bombardment one person was lost and more 75 have got fragmental wounds. Some of victims are in a grave condition.
a photo: AP

Russians, according to preliminary data,   among them is not present, but we continue to specify lists - has informed a press - the embassy secretary of the Russian Federation in Thailand Vitaly Anopov.

In connection with mass riots in Bangkok the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation repeatedly called Russians while to wait a little with trips to Thailand, and all compatriots being here diplomats ask to be extremely careful and vigilant.