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General directors Huafu disqualified on one and a half year

Nearby 80 amurchan, Open Companies KSK working on building objects Huafu for February have not got wages. To promises soon builders have not believed and have written the complaint to Office of Public Prosecutor. As the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Amur region informs, check has shown that the general debt to builders has made 1 million 200 thousand roubles.

- the Public prosecutor of Blagoveshchensk has brought in the address of the general director Huafu representation about elimination of infringements of the labour legislation. As a result to workers have repaid a debt. But, besides, action about an administrative offence which has ended with that disqualified the head of company He Venanja on one and a half year has been brought, - Galina Osipov has told the assistant to the public prosecutor of Blagoveshchensk.

Such rigid punishment is applied, as He Venan more than once forgot to pay to people the salary: Both Russian, and Chineses. And on a broader scale for 15 years that the firm works in Priamure (some shopping centres have constructed and two ten inhabited high-rise buildings), it has won glory of not so diligent builder. That Huafu building begins without the permission scorns fire prevention rules.

In city Office of Public Prosecutor have told that the general director of firm has a possibility to appeal against against a judgement. In firm comments have refused flatly, nervously having added that all news concerning firm - lies.

By the way as Galina Osipov has told, in Blagoveshchensk it is the second case of disqualification of the head of such big company. Some time ago from - for debts before workers of an armchair the head of firms of Open Company " for a while lost; Dorstrojmehanizatsija and Joint-Stock Company Spetsstroj .