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Byelorussians hand over in militia fowling pieces and swords of XV century

Mosin`s Rifle, a fighting revolver a bulldog, a sawn-off shotgun of times of the Second World War with the muffler … it kindly people have brought All during the action « the Arsenal » which passed in April. And though it is possible to hand over the weapon in militia at any time year, but most of all the people become more active during carrying out of the annual action. As a rule, minchane get rid of weapon and ammunition which have got to them by right of succession or which have found at house building.

- In crisis many hunters have decided to hand over the weapon in militia. All - taki hunting is expensive pleasure. It is necessary to pay for prolongation of term of the permission, the right to hunting, the hunting ticket, plus to all cost of ammunition, vacation packages, - tells « the senior inspector on allowing work October RUVD Minsk Sergey Radichenko. -

All it pours out in a round sum. Not everyone presumes to contain to itself(himself) some units of armours, especially pensioners.

But on the first place on delivery the gas weapon today is in the lead. In the beginning 90 - h on it was years simply a fashion. But after a decade many were convinced that in it there are more than minuses, than pluses. It is frequent zaedaet, misfires, and if falls to the ground, can simply collapse. The most important thing - effect from it is no more, than from gas ballonchika which should not even be registered.    

Ladies bring ammunition

- Since 1975 at us in the country have started to register the weapon. And till this time it was on sale to easy any hunter, was to show only the hunting ticket enough, therefore on hands the population had a lot of weapon, - the senior inspector of group of allowing work of management of preventive maintenance of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Mingorispolkom Nikolay Kapanets speaks. -

But every year in Belarus becomes ever less not registered weapon and more and more - lawful.  

Guns, ammunition, gas ballonchiki children bear in militia and women, and. For example, many ladies go now on hunting with husbands and demand from the spouse to buy it own gun. But then for any reasons decide to get rid of it. Couple of years back in the action « the Arsenal » schoolboys have taken part also.

- At that time in the street Brest irrigated a reservoir and at cleaning have found out a shell. Have called pyrotechnic group, have found out some more finds of times of the Second World War, - Sergey Radichenko remembers. - After that case of the inspector on affairs of minors have acted at school and have told to children that the action is spent. Also that for delivery of the weapon anybody will not punish. So children began bags to bear it in school! It was necessary even to go out of town: There schoolboys have earthed warheads, the ammunition, the rusted pomegranates. It has appeared that when have lowered a reservoir, children ashore have found the weapon of military times.  

Mosin`s Rifle and a revolver the Bulldog

During the service police officers have seen enough of much.

- To us brought also ancient swords XV - XVI centuries, and German grenade cup discharges, flame throwers. It was very much remembered release Mosin`s rifle of 1898. And it is the well-known service pistol of a beret of the American manufacture, - gets from a shelf the weapon the security guard of a warehouse. - the man has bought it in Lithuania and wanted to register in Belarus as sports, but at customs a pistol have withdrawn. At us it will not be certificated, therefore the weapon is stored in militia though by right belongs to the lawful owner. It is literally last year to us the self-made revolver a bulldog of a XIX-th century has got. It was simply in perfect tune! It was stored in a special wooden box. Most likely, the revolver was handed and consequently looked as the newcomer. Now it is in a museum.

In Belarus the person who voluntary hands over the weapon, is relieved from responsibility. Nevertheless, some are afraid to go to militia. Throw on a stop the gas weapon, alarm raketnitsu, ammunition. In this case police officers always try to find the person who has left the weapon. However, not on purpose to punish, and to find out, whence it has appeared.  


More often Byelorussians hand over:

- the gas weapon;

- the hunting weapon;

- finds of times of the Second World War;  

- pneumatic.  


How much the weapon at the population?

In Minsk it is registered 33 thousand unit.

In Belarus - about 141 thousand.


For storage or use of not registered weapon the penalty to 30 base sizes (Red threatens. - 1 million 50 thousand roubles). Also criminal punishment - till 10 years of imprisonment is provided.