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Shareholders Russia shareholders and investors of the company " write to inspectors on 40 statements in day

In the end of last week; Russia became more active - in day in investigatory management of investigatory committee Priamurja they bring on 30 - 40 statements with the requirement to force general director of the company of Michael Korneyev to give them the promised habitation and to return the put up money. It seems that amurchane are so suspicious after all happened, as now after the firm has obtained the long-awaited credit and undertakes to pay off with people, do not believe its head. it (about Korneyev) our blood it is not clear, where has spent, as after that it is possible to believe the person - people are indignant.

- For today is only shareholders on not handed over building objects of one and a half thousand persons. And how much still investors under bills?! - The senior assistant to SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Amur region Alexey Lubinsky speaks . - However we explain to people that a situation under control and at the given stage within the limits of criminal case we check each step of a firm management Russia . To panic and crowd in turn in investigatory committee, to put in the statement, it is not necessary.

Gradually all complaints to firm Russia will be accepted. At first they are registered in a committee reception, and are then passed the inspector who will interrogate necessarily applicants. Inhabitants from area areas do not need to go to Blagoveshchensk to write the complaint - it it is possible to submit to territorial investigatory committee.    

If at amurchan (shareholders and investors) apropos Russia there are questions they can be set on to phone of investigatory committee in Priamure (8 4162 22 - 14 - 00 .