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“ to the Gold boy “ shot the parents, distances of 18 years “ strogacha “

Today the Volgograd regional court has pronounced a sentence to the student of the Volgograd state university to Paul Ovsyannikov.   it recognised as guilty in all respects.

And     showed   charge to it in murder   parents,   in attempt at murder of the uncle, plunder of the weapon and nine episodes of thefts.

the Court has appointed “ to the gold boy “ punishment in the form of 18 years of imprisonment with serving in a high security colony.

- The fault Paul did not recognise. On interrogation declared that murder has made in a diminished responsibility status. Ostensibly after quarrel with the father he heard voices “ kill them! “. After bloody firing has regained consciousness only at shop in the street Neva in   city centre. Only here, after an hour has understood that has done. Home has not returned - it was terrible. But the put forward version “ the gold boy “   psychological examination has denied. In a current of month physicians observed of Paul and have decided that the guy is healthy. And its words - no more than a protection line. On court Ovsyannikov not propronil and teardrops. Kept with firmness. And here the grandmother could not restrain,   especially, when the judge has read to a sentence. Sisters of Paul, five years` Julia at session were not. According to the grandmother, now the girl is nurtured   in a family of the native uncle. About happened   to the child try does not remind, - Konstantin Fedorov, the public prosecutor of department of the state charge of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Volgograd region has informed .

we Will remind that the tragedy which has happened   on May, 19th   in a family of Ovsjannikovyh,   has terrified all city  . 21 - the summer son has shot the father, mother, has wounded the uncle and all it happens   in the face of the five years` little sister. After that the guy has run away. Have found it every other day on demountable apartment where it already packed suitcases for runaway.

This very day the guy has started to give grateful evidences. He has confirmed that the reason of that quarrel - put by it in a pawnshop parental gold. But has surprised inspectors another - calmness with which the murderer told about how shot relatives.

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  In Volgograd have detained “ the gold boy “ shot parents when to it have ceased to give money for night clubs .

- I have started to shoot to be protected from the father, - the guy has explained at interrogation. - it has got me. And mother did not want to kill, all has turned out so quickly that I have not had time to understand.

And, nevertheless, the bloody slaughter-house lasted not one minute. Paul did all osoznanno. An hour later after execution he was converted to the friend with the request for a lodging for the night. That at all has not suspected that the friend is literally hour has cruelly finished with the native back. A small detail - before running away, it has broken from a neck of the father a gold chain with a dagger to sell.

the Murderer of parents Paul Ovsyannikov on investigatory experiment shows, how has shot the father

- On investigatory experiment Paul has told that the conflict has happened in a cellar: the father began to threaten it with a traumatic pistol. The guy has seized a gun and has shot to the parent at a hand and when the man has tried to escape, has shot after - the bullet has pleased mother in a carotid. Having jumped out for the father on street, Paul has seen a silhouette in an arbour and has shot without analysis is there was an uncle of the murderer. Last shot has got to the father - its body have found on a lawn. However, the uncle of the suspect confirmed,   that that chased it by the car with a gun and did all prudently and coolly, - told then   Leonid Rogalsky, the head of department on investigation especially important issues of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.