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How to choose the favourable credit

Trust comes back

Already obviously: banks have endured financial crisis without special problems and are again ready to offer clients favourable credit conditions.

- References behind credits becomes more and more though, of course, their quantity yet has not reached pre-crisis level. All - taki the people well remember 98 - j year and are afraid to get into debt, - deputy director Sankt - the Petersburg branch " speaks; East express train bank Alexander Shagaj.

Having worried difficult year, inhabitants of Russia come back to habitual style of life: to purchases, arrangement of habitation and other family pleasures. And banks try to facilitate as much as possible it this process: offer new products and services in very good conditions.

- Recently interest rates under consumer credits have started to decrease, and credits stand out for larger sums. It is contributed by improvement of the general economic situation in Russia - unemployment reduction, acceleration of rates of increase of gross national product, low in comparison with previous years, inflation indicators that reduces risks of delivery bezzalogovyh credits, - Denis Gritsenko, the director of management " considers; severo - the West Bank Home Credit

Financiers also notice that with crisis borrowers became more circumspectly.

the Client, making decision to take on credit the large sum on long term, began to consider possible crisis processes in the future. Thus, began less wishing to increase the debt loading to eight-ten percent from the cumulative budget that reduces risk of occurrence of back payments and non-returns and is a positive consequence of crisis, -   the director of management of a car - and consumer crediting of Severo - the Western management of bank " considers; URALSIB Vladimir Orbov.


About borrowers

Joyful news to those who is going to issue a loan: more and more banks are ready to give out the credit on steam of documents, and even at all under one passport!

- appears offers when procedure of delivery of money becomes simpler More and more, the inquiry 2 - NDFL is not required, the work record card copy, - speaks the chief of department of development of Severo - the Western management   prombiznesbanka (credit offices Lajf and we Will go! ) Igor Goncharov. - for example, we place exclusive emphasis on individual work with the client. After all documents which the borrower can give, not always reliability indicator, it is possible to forge some papers easily. We always talk to the person   and if we understand that he accurately realises, what for and on what takes money, problems at delivery do not arise. So are ready to finance such unpopular at other banks of a category of borrowers, as idle pensioners or the people having of some credits in different banks.

But it does not mean at all that any can so easily to receive money. All depends on concrete bank.

- the Individual approach to the client to some extent exists in each bank, but frequently it depends on volume of business and a grocery ruler. Than more largely bank, the more at it references, the more information should process, and here without a certain formalistic approach not to get to anywhere, - Alexander Shagaj explains. - certainly, there is a set of checks which formal in any way it is impossible to name, but anyway at us it konveer. Well and to those clients who regularly paid to bank the taken credits, we are always ready to offer special conditions.

- Our bank has as much as possible simplified quantity of documents under the consumer credit, there is enough only of two - passports and work record card copies that allows us to make the decision for one day, - Vladimir Orbov continues.

- the Main principle was saved by the immutable: the more documents the borrower can give, the the best credit conditions will be offered it by bank. For credit reception under the low rate it is enough to present to the basic documents only one additional document on a choice confirming solvency, - Denis Gritsenko adds.

Happens and so that the borrower has obtained the long-awaited credit, but the situation has changed also it feels that cannot pay further.

- the First that it is necessary to make, is to be converted into bank and to tell about the changed vital circumstances. Usually banks develop the plan of action convenient for all parties, - Denis Gritsenko continues.

- Give we take also this jacket. At me after all a credit card.


About the commissions

- the Latent commission is a widespread marketing course which was actively used in due time even by big banks. For example, the commission of one percent a month from the credit sum was quite loyally conceived by clients, and after all in recalculation on annual it almost 24 %! But now any commissions should be without fail accurately registered. If it is not present, the latent gathering in somebody concrete bank will exist to the first complaint of the consumer. So today about similar things as about the real lever of influence on the market, it is not necessary to speak, - Alexander   speaks; Walk.

And nevertheless offers   - the Credit under 0 % today suffices. How it to understand?

- It is impossible to tell that the latent commissions have left in the past. Till now on a city it is possible to meet advertising offers which do not give the full information under rates. The inhabitant not always can understand all subtleties of mutual relations with bank. For example, sometimes the commission is paid from the credit rest, but after all not everyone can predict, when it will extinguish the credit and in how much as a result to it this commission will manage, - Igor Goncharov speaks. - and all - taki recently banks build relations with the clients by a frankness principle. I consider that any person, at all without possessing deep mathematical knowledges, for two minutes should have possibility to count on the calculator, in how much to it the credit will manage.

By the way, it is not necessary to confuse the latent commissions to various time marketing actions. For example, when the dealer of any bank offers the credit under a zero of percent. As a result you take the credit under certain percent, simply year do not pay for using money. To for ever to get rid of the latent commissions, each client of bank should promote.

- In the market of bank credits there is a considerable quantity of marketing actions and not to get confused and make a correct choice, I advise to be guided not by the rate specified in the advertising leaflet, and on actual monthly payment under the credit, - Vladimir Orbov has summed up.

With the credit any purchase on a pocket. The main thing that was then than to pay off with bank.



Credit cards - money which always with you

to have a credit card very conveniently, not all clients of banks use this service.

When you take the consumer credit, you usually know, on what will spend money. But after all there are such situations, when   there are contingencies, and cash is not present. Here - that the credit card is simply irreplaceable.

- In all civilised world the credit card is practically at everyone. The credit card in bolshej is intended a measure for unforeseen expenditure. Pluses weight - it is not necessary to carry with itself the large sums, especially if you have gone to have a rest. It is not terrible to remain without money, - Vladimir Orbov speaks.  

Why so occurs? It would Seem, it is obvious that to carry in a pocket a credit card much more safely, than hardly filled purse. And again experts complain about ours with you low financial literacy.

- When the person takes the credit, he talks with advisers of bank. That explains it various nuances of a loan, warns about situations which can arise from - for a carelessness of the client, - speaks   the chief of department of marketing of Severo - the Western management Probusinessbank Alexey Makarov. - When the client makes out a credit card, it remains with it, speaking in images, in private. Therefore all participants of the financial market should give enough attention to that financial literacy of the population raised.

For now owners of credit cards, basically youth, for which mobility - style of life.

- Much depends and on the social status of the person. For example, not in all shops ekonomklassa is POS - terminals. And to people of middle age, and especially elderly to have affairs with cash when here they, in a pocket and them it is possible to count at any moment easier, - Igor Goncharov adds.

However, bankers recognise that gradually plastic cards strongly enter into our life.

- Than rasprostranennee there will be network POS - terminals, the more absolutely service level, the faster credit cards will get into weights. After all with a credit card it is possible to make the same operations, as with cash, and even it is more, - Alexander Shagaj speaks.

- We offer the clients both credit, and debit cards. The debit card is a basis of the whole package deal which also includes charge of percent on the rest, service the Internet - bank SMS - notification messages, and also possibility to issue a limit overdrafta, - is finished by Denis Gritsenko.



not to suffer from swindlers, it is necessary to arrange a number of simple rules. Here that our experts have advised:

- not to pay off with a credit card through doubtful the Internet - sites

- not to give a map not only the stranger, but even to relatives and close friends

- typing pin - a code in a cash dispense, to cover keys with a hand

- paying off at restaurants, not to give a map to the waiter.

- not to write pin - a code on the map

- to concern a credit card in the same way, as to a wallet with all that it implies.


Take care of the salary

Firm in which I work, passes to payment of a salary by means of plastic cards of one of banks. I and my colleagues we can not understand: what for it is necessary?

the director of Management " Responds; severo - the West Bank Home Credit Denis Gritsenko.

- Apparently, at you a progressive management which aspires to optimise work of your firm. Home Credit also offers salary projects, and I can tell about their advantages.

For the company the salary project is a reduction of expenses on the maintenance of cash desk and absence of necessity to pay the commission for removal of means from the bill. The electronic system simplifies accounts department work - for registration of a salary of all employees the uniform payment order leaves.

Employees besides convenience of charge of the salary on a map will have an opportunity to use bank on special conditions.

As to our conditions we free of charge render all holders of salary maps service the Internet - bank and also possibility to obtain the credit for special conditions. Besides, the package deal includes additional services: Charge of percent on own means, discounts at payment of the goods and services of our partners, possibility of granting of a limit overdrafta for active users of maps.

Home Credit develops own network of cash dispenses where clients have possibility to remove available funds without the commission.

Using long-term experience with partners in the Russian market, we aspire to find the individual decision for each client, therefore, I am assured, our product is necessary on taste to much.