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In Kemerovo the criminal masseur

is denounced - I Ask not to limit my freedom. I will try! I will work and indemnify a loss, - the accused Larissa Perets persuaded the judge in the last word before adjudgment. - I already any more will not make such acts. I very much ask: do not deprive me of freedom.

Now like as it is a shame to the woman. And it even has convinced the judge of it. For 14 thefts to it a distance three and a half a year conditionally with a trial period three years. But several months ago it remorselessly took away from veterans and invalids everything that was in a purse. Thus without thinking that money there can be the last.

Some years ago at Larissa the husband has died. And it has sat down on drugs. When about it have learnt on work in hospital have asked to leave. For the same reason she had to leave and the second place of work. Then the masseur has decided to apply the trade differently. It watched near polyclinic of veterans, watched them to the apartment. And after a while came to older persons ostensibly from their attending physician to make massage.

After short procedure, having snatched the moment, took away purses from pensioners, promised to be one of these days again, but completely disappeared. In Kemerovo Larissa has spent at least 30 sessions of such criminal massage. When in the Department of Internal Affairs messages on similar thefts began to arrive daily. Field investigators have started to be on duty at polyclinics and   have soon detained the thief.

Larissa practically recognised at once the fault and when business is already cunning in court, was arranged to wash ladders. From the salary began to indemnify a loss to the victims. It already has given money to eight victims. By the way, while the sentence to the enterprising masseur is taken out only by the Central court, in courts of other areas of business still are considered.