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More often in Omsk find out counterfeit bags Lui Viton and clothes Lakost

On questions of readers Olga HRIPLJA and the chief specialist - the expert of department of sanitary inspection Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora across the Omsk region Elena KORNEYEV have responded the chief of the Center on struggle against offences in the consumer market and to execution of the administrative legislation of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Omsk region.

- Hello, it is Anna. Who checks the goods after certification cancellation?

E. K : After cancellation of certification control over quality of foodstuff is saved: Management of Rospotrebnadzora carries out planned actions for supervision of the enterprises of the food-processing industry, public catering and trade according to the legislation not more often an once in three years. At the reference of citizens if there is a necessity, research of foodstuff on merit figures and security is conducted. Sanepidzakljuchenija, given out on production, are not cancelled. Sanitary - the epidemiological conclusion is the document certifying conformity or discrepancy of production to sanitary rules. Separate kinds of production are subject to the state check in with delivery of certificates on the state check in. By manufacture of new kinds of production the businessman or the legal body declares them and examines, including on merit figures and security, acknowledgement of working lives.

Besides, this law does not extend on technical regulations on milk and dairy production, maslozhirovuju and sokovuju production. That is in these cases production is subject to obligatory acknowledgement of conformity to requirements of federal laws in the form of declaring or obligatory certification.

- And reliability of everything what is written on packing, guarantees Rospotrebnadzor?

E. K : No, this responsibility is assigned to the manufacturer - he guarantees quality and security of production.  

- Good afternoon, Elvira Sergeevna disturbs. Among what goods reveal kontrafakt?

Island H : In cosmetics, clothes, other groups of the industrial goods. It is easier to name those spheres where is not present kontrafakta. Recently administrative reports on the facts of illegal use on female bags of the trademark of known French firm " have been made; Lui Viton and the Olympic symbolics Sochi - 2014 on clothes. Often find out counterfeit things under the stamp of the French firm Lakost . Omichi should know that they buy: the fake can harm often health. Though at times counterfeit production is identical to the original and the damage not causes to the consumer, and the legal owner.

- This production is withdrawn from sale?

Island H : Yes. But planned checks are not spent. We have the right to work now only under the statement of citizens or the public organisations representing their interests. Though complaints can arrive both from the buyer, and from the legal owner.

- As to the usual person to distinguish kontrafakt?

Island H : In - the first, pay attention to the price: brendovaja the thing cannot cost not much. In - the second, the firm goods never sell in booths in the street, in transitions. In - the third, kontrafakt often it is possible to define on external appearance though there are also such fakes which the expert can distinguish only during examination. Or, for example, a popular perfume on pouring: known firms do not let out such production!

- And on what questions it is possible to be converted to you?

Island H : According to the Federal law   the Russian Federation About modification of the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences behind law-enforcement bodies powers on revealing and control of offences and administrative offences are saved. As, for example: realisation of enterprise activity without the state check in or the special permission (licence); illegal sale of the goods, which free realisation is forbidden or limited; sale of the goods, performance of works or rendering of services to the population of inadequate quality or with infringement of sanitary rules; a deceit of consumers.

- the Direct line ? My name is Natalia. In our market at purchase of sweets on weight cost joins the package price. It is lawful?

E. K :   This question is regulated by Rules of sale of separate kinds of the goods: not packed up production should be released in packing for which the payment is not raised.

- In that case this rule operates and for sour cream or jam which too sell on weight?

E. K : the Technical regulations on milk and dairy production forbid to release not packed up dairy production in consumer container as it was earlier. According to Rules of sale of separate kinds of the goods weighed out articles of food release to the buyer in the packed kind without collection for packing of an additional payment.

- Sergey calls. Now vodka which cost 40 roubles, sell for 89, moreover give the second bottle in a gift! Someone supervises this question?

Island H : you can be converted into the Center on struggle against offences in the consumer market. The main thing - you should inform the shop address in which such action is spent. The podaktsiznyj goods cannot be given in a gift - it should be got. And here if for the bought bottle of vodka to you in a gift give beer - no infringements are present. As beer - the goods nepodaktsiznyj.    


With complaints and questions you can be converted into public adoptive Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora across the Omsk region to the address: street of 10 years of October, 98 or on bodies. (3812 32 - 60 - 26.

the Center on struggle against offences in the consumer market and to execution of the administrative legislation of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Omsk region is located about street 5 - j Armies, 135, bodies. (3812 24 - 01 - 34.

the Complaint can leave to the person on duty on bodies. (3812 25 - 02 - 44 (round the clock).