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Mihaj Gimpu is offended to Russia from - that... His brother has spent six years in a Gulag

I an island of the president of Moldova, in a pointed manner refused to be present on Victory parade on Red Square (though our military men all - taki will go to Moscow), named the new reasons of the decision. It appears, Gimpu not only the Romanian was afraid to offend feelings lost in war, but also is personally offended to Russia.

Mihaj Gimpu has remembered Russia also Dnestr region.

- while the Russian military men are in territory of Moldova and do not allow it to supervise third of republic, we have no moral right to march on Red Square, and #8722; he has declared in interview to the Romanian radio.

to refuse the invitation of the Kremlin Gimpu considers The decision absolutely correct also for the personal reasons, referring that his brother has spent six years in the Soviet Gulag, the uncle has been banished and shot in Siberia, that is why for and. Islands of the president fascism and communism are uniform.

Moscow, in turn, only has once again advised Gimpu not to try to use sacred for millions people a feast for political gamble and more to think of more essential for Kishinev problems.

in particular, head has declared the day before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, Russia, unlike closest friends of Moldova, at least recognises it as the sovereign independent state, passes Interfax .

- Not all neighbours of Moldova arrive thus. Their neighbours in the West at all do not consider the Moldavian nation for the nation. I on a place of mister Gimpu would be anxious by it, instead of tried to use a sacred feast for all of us that similar insinuations to voice , and #8722; the Russian minister has underlined.

a source: www. vz. ru