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We go with the child abroad: what are necessary documents

the State gives a choice.

-   Alina. It is necessary for me to issue the new international passport, at the previous term comes to an end. Would like to receive the international passport of the old sample, but heard that them can cancel. Can to me it is not necessary risk?

- Speeches that international passports of the old sample will cancel, it is not conducted at all. To the contrary,   not so long ago changes which assign to citizens the option have been made to the legislation. Want, receive international passports of the new sample for a period of 10 years, its cost of 2,5 thousand roubles, and want old - for 5 years, its cost 1 thousand roubles. Passports stand out on all period of validity so all 5 years it at you will be valid.

-   Lyudmila. Recently has received the biometric international passport with the built in chip. While there only my personal data, but say that in due course chips will change. There there will be a retina of an eye and a fingerprint. To me, what it is necessary to make out the new passport again?

-   While additions in a microchip in the form of an eye and fingerprint retina are not fixed at federal level. But if the corresponding law all the same it is not necessary to change the international passport is passed. In the chip   possibility of replenishment of the information is put.

-   Paul. In what cases the international passport can be made out in an emergency order?

- the Basis for consideration of the statement within three working days is   the letter of body of the public health services, confirming necessity of an urgent trip on treatment for limits of territory of the Russian Federation or   the letter of the foreign medical organisation on necessity of emergency treatment. Simultaneously with these documents it is necessary medical institution medical certificate in a residence of the patient is represented. Besides quickly the international passport can be issued, if the citizen gives   the telegramme which has arrived   from - for borders and assured according to the legislation of the state of the residing, confirming   the fact of a serious illness or death of the near relation or the spouse.

With the international passport at the kid of any problems

-   Julia. We gather with a family abroad, to the child 2 years. A leah it is necessary to it to make out the separate international passport, it is obligatory?

- If the child only is entered in your international passport, this acknowledgement of related relations. And if it has a document it allows the small citizen of the Russian Federation to cross border easy. Problems on border at you precisely will not arise. On March, 1st, 2010 the governmental order of the Russian Federation, according to which the data brought in the international passport of the parent about the child,   has come into force; do not grant to it the right to cross border without the separate passport. If data on the child have been brought in the international passport of the parent till March, 1st under such document minors can cross border.  

-   Marina. What international passports give out to children and how much they stand?

-   the Child can issue the international passport as new biometric for 10 years, having paid the state duty 1 thousand 200 roubles, and the old sample for 5 years for 300 roubles. We recommend to do to children of the international passport of the old sample. The child quickly grows, its appearance strongly changes. Under the law, at strong change of appearance, the passport is subject to replacement. To change international passports of the old sample simply is cheaper.

- Larissa. It is necessary to give what documents to issue to the chest kid the international passport?

-   the Set of documents the minimum. From you the statement on delivery to the child of the international passport, 2 photos of the kid, a birth certificate copy, a copy of the passport of the parent or the lawful representative, the state duty of 300 or 1200 roubles.

And if you make out to the child the international passport of the old sample, its presence is not necessary, and if new - that is obligatory. The kid will photograph in branch UFMS. By the way, the same set of documents is required to you, if you wish to enter the child in the passport, cost of procedure of 200 roubles.

It is travelled with visas and without.

-   Sergey. The first time has gathered abroad. Prompt, in what countries the visa is not necessary?

-   the List of the countries where visas very big are not required, every year it changes. For example, since this year in the list it was added   Croatia. Entrance without   visas there it is resolved with   on April, 1st   on October, 31st eats for all tourist season. To learn, the visa or not, in the country,   is necessary; in which you gather,   it is possible in consulate of that country where you go.

-   Natalia. At me international passport period of validity comes to an end, but in it the open visa is put down. What to me to do?

-   Having received the new international passport, to you will return on hands the old passport at which period of validity with a mark about its invalidity has ended.   if period of validity of the passport has not expired, for the period of registration of the new passport old remains on hands at the applicant. At reception the new old surrenders. The international passport with not expired period of validity   under the written statement of the citizen it is authorised to leave at the owner if in it there are operating visas of the foreign states.

-   Victor. At me absolutely new international passport, but recently in embassy from me have demanded acknowledgement that it from me one. Same delirium?

-   Happens that employees of embassies have doubts, anything surprising. You can be converted into migratory service, under the statement we will give out you the inquiry that the new international passport is received, and previous is extinguished and is not valid. That is other international passports, at you are not present.

-   It is lovely. A leah it is necessary to show the consent of parents if I want to go with the niece abroad?

-   Necessarily. And, notarially assured.

-   Alain. I want to go with the son abroad, but my ex-husband has left in other city and was gone. A leah Is required to me on border the permission from the father?

-   At all is not present. The child of border has enough for crossing nearby one of parents or lawful representatives.

the Passport office in-home.

-     Denis. All the day it is loaded on work, there is no time to run on passport offices. A leah truth, what now it is really possible to reserve the international passport through the Internet?

-   Since April, 1st has earned a portal of the state services on the Internet (http:// www. gosuslugi. ru/).   it is necessary for you to be registered, following the instruction,   and to open the private office. The password and login from a private office are sent to the citizen   usual mail the certified mail. Then you can submit demands for rendering of state services, including the services given FMS. For example, to submit documents on registration, both the internal passport, and foreign. In department UFMS all the same it will be personally necessary to approach two times: The first - to bring originals of necessary documents, and in a case with the biometric passport also to be photographed. The second time to receive the ready passport.

-   Tatyana Leonidovna. I want to find the girlfriend of the childhood. Speak, now search for people on the Internet?

-   On the Uniform portal of state services in section of the services given FMS,   you can issue inquiry about search of the person through adresno - information bureau. At first the searched citizen will ask the written permission - a leah he that its data has passed you agrees. After that to you will give the address of the person. All services on a portal are carried out free of charge.


Official site UFMS of Russia across Yaroslavl region ufms - yaroslavl. info (here it is possible to download forms for filling to look samples of fillings of questionnaires and the receipt on payment of state duties to learn reception hours of management UFMS, a leah is ready to check up your international passport and many other things).


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