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What streets of Moscow will block on feasts

In connection with celebrations and mass actions on May feasts from May, 1 till May, 9th inclusive capital streets will be blocked. And the traffic police has published the schedule of these overlappings literally on hours.

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So, the overlapping schedule on on May, 1st:

from 8:30 till will close   a traffic on streets 1 - I Tver - Jamsky and Tver (on a site from the area the Tver outpost to a Manezhnaya Square).

  From 9:30 till - on Color parkway, the Trumpet area, Petrovsky parkway (the odd party) and the Big Putinkovsky lane.

from 10:00 till - on streets the Big Yakimanka (from the Kaluga area to the Big Clearing), the Big clearing, Serafimovicha, Moss, and also the Borovitsky area, the Big and Small Stone bridges.

from 10:00 till - on streets Moss, Ohotnij rjad, to the Theatre square and Theatrical journey.

  from 14:00 till - on Ostankinsky journey and 1 - j to Ostankinsky street.

  from 13:00 till - along the street Kosygina, to Vorobevsky highway and Vorobevsky quay.

2, on May, 3rd and 9:

from 11:00 till will limit movement along the street Krylatsky.

on May, 2nd from 11:00 till the inside of the Garden ring and the Triumphal area will be closed for movement.

3 May

from 8:30 till it will be impossible to drive on streets Moskvoretsk, the Hamovnichesky shaft, the Barbarian and Ilyinka, to the Moskvoretsk bridge, Vasilevsky descent, the Moskvoretsk, Kremlin, Prechistensky and Frunze quays .

  on May, 6th

Will be ogranichego   movement along the street Krylatsky (from 15:00 till)

  on May, 7th

On streets Krylatsky, Bottom Mnevniki, and also to Karamyshevsky quay and Zvenigorodsky highway (from 11:00 till).


You here do not go: there the mayovka will pass
[a map of the resolved public political actions co-ordinated with the Government of Moscow]