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The madonna has acted in film in advertising with the weapon

the Madonna has prolonged the contract with design stamp Dolce & Gabbana in 2010. News about it has appeared on a page of Stefano Gabbana in Tvittere. Now the singer will be the person of the world stamp in the autumn and winter of 2010.

the Madonna can be surprised only: in 51 year it and as the singer is claimed, and as model. By the way, it also projects own line of dark glasses for D & G.

Stefano Gabbana, souchreditel D & G`s, has confirmed in Tvittere that the first trial pictures of advertising with the Madonna are already made. And if last year it were soft it is black - white photos in style of the last century now style have sharply changed. On pictures -   the Madonna, pistols, shooting

And still Stefano has told that the singer was removed, as before, by its favourite photographer Stephen Klein.

the Madonna It is always better!!! - has delightfully written Stefano. - In photos it gets to firing. The weapon and it - is simple a miracle! .

we Will remind, on shootings in 2009 - m the Madonna represented the well-known stamp in an image of the homemaker which washes ware. This year the singer, it is possible to tell, has promoted - from the house young woman to loving zavarushki and danger of the femme fatale.