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« Stukachestvo » is very necessary and a useful occupation!

the third   day of the colleague   mine   and   remedial   a blog sphere with   pleasure   and   indignation discuss   interview of head   the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow of Vladimir   Kolokoltseva (our site see).

Especially one passage: that the general has ostensibly shifted responsibility for acts of terrorism in the capital underground on simple Russians, having told that many saw these suspicious “shahids“ while those reached Moscow, but nobody has informed to the bus driver in whom they went from the south, to GAI OFFICERS. And could!

Some indignant even have risen   to absolute   nabatnyh heights, speaking about   volume that   main   the militiaman of capital   such   in the image   encourages stukachestvo   and   ducks out   for tragedy.

I do not want to discuss now   Actions pravoohranitelej on prevention of acts of terrorism in the underground. On prevention of these acts of terrorism have worked simply ugly.

But   that   precisely   -   Kolokoltsev   in   much in   the passage   about   us   absolutely   the rights. And   I   -   for such  “ stukachestvo ”.

We   were well arranged, expensive   inhabitants of cities   and   vesej. If something happens - we rush (and we have the right, by the way) to ask from militia and special services for the work not made them. But - that?

If   simply to look   on a situation with   points   sight of common sense: we that, have   possibility   in   each bus   to plant on the militiaman that checked who goes? Or to put such small to each of seven millions passengers of the underground? Or to place their chain along the railway on which there is“ a Neva express train ”?

I for normal stukachestvo. For healthy stukachestvo. Not for the sake of reception of apartment of the neighbour. And that the suspicious suitcase in the car is left. That I not so like neighbours in a compartment and plane salon. That at an entrance the low company gathers. About that at neighbours strange lodgers … That narkoshi run in apartment 28, and apartment 33 muzhiks in search of maids eternally break.

And frankly I do not understand that   in   it bad?!

To me some   companions speak: “to Knock is   any 1937 - j   year!”   And   to be afraid   to enter   in   own   a court yard and   to blow up in   the underground   -   it is 2010 - j year. Also what?

Normal   society development assumes that   it, it   most   the society, in every possible way helps law enforcement bodies (to police, carabinieres, the sheriff, militia   -   name, as   want) to support own   security and   an order.  

With law enforcement bodies at us, truth, real problems. Yes, you count on one reaction, and you run into another. But in this business will move nothing if not to try to prove to them that we see and we understand more than these bodies think. And the main thing that we are ready to ask from them that they have missed and about what we warned them on what informed or as spoke earlier “signalled“. It is necessary not to give them chance not to work. To force them it is necessary the whole world if want. Through Office of Public Prosecutor, through their sickly Service of own security, through courts, through the Internet, at last. On - to mine, it is correct. Without it all conversations on militia reform, by the way, only beautiful reasonings. They also will not work normally until will understand, what not any semimystical reform, and we have not left it chance not to work as it is necessary.

And with   this party, I will repeat, Kolokoltsev   it is right absolutely. And   the good fellow that   it to us   it   has told and   was not afraid ours   revolted   ohov and   ahov! Not children, should understand.

I Assume that again to me in comments will write about pink glasses, romanticism and even a certain intellectual infantility.

Yes   for God`s sake. I   in total   has only explained simple   things simple words.   perebdit on - to any it is better, than to blow up.