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The surcharge on vital medicines should not exceed 43 %

Medical products - one of kinds of the goods which necessarily should be subject to state regulation. Work in this direction at the state level and in subjects of Federation is conducted hardly less than ten years. However last year`s jumps of the prices for medicines have shown that measures need to be toughened.

since April, 1st of a drugstore work by new rules thanks to which now there will be no unreasonable increases of cost of medicines. All manufacturers and importers are obliged to register cost prices of vital medicines. Before the given procedure was spent in a voluntary order.

Besides, in each region the maximum extra charge for retail trade and wholesalers is established. It depends on the registered price of the manufacturer and is subdivided into three groups: to 50 roubles, from 50 to 500 roubles and over 500 roubles.

- However it does not mean that trading organisations will charge limiting surcharges, - Natalia Firsenko, the chief of department on the organisation of pharmaceutical activity of department of public health services of the Tyumen region speaks. - each structure independently forms the price policy proceeding from profitability and a competition. Therefore uniform cost on medicines on all drugstores will not be. Transition to new rules reduction of prices on some medicines also speaks.

observance of new rules will be regularly checked. On April, 15th, on May, 15th and on June, 15th monitoring of cost and assortment of the goods will be carried out.

some townspeople have faced a problem: the medicine in a drugstore is, but sell it cannot. According to Natalia Petrovny, the reasons for this purpose can be two: or the medical product yet has not passed the state check in (such from all list there was one percent), or drugstores need to work more actively. Anyway, in a week - two these questions will be resolved.

- our main task - to save number of drugstores and assortment, and also to supervise the prices for vital medicines, - Natalia Petrovna speaks.

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