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Tjumenku with an escort delivered to accoucheurs

- On terms to me remains three more and a half a week, - explains Lejla, happy mum of the fourth child. - have gone with the husband on a summer residence in Star on Yalutorovsk to a path. Already was have arrived, as fights have unexpectedly begun. Were converted behind the help to inspectors of traffic police, they just were on duty on road. Us with an escort have accompanied to maternity home. An hour later childbirth has begun. The boy was born, named Danilom.

As Dmitry while they flied to maternity home speaks, he thought only of one: as though on whom not to hook, then they will precisely be late. There was, of course, a variant to appeal fast but the inspector have decided that nevertheless it is better to reach not to lose time. Not to give birth to the woman directly in the car! By the way, the inspector were already morally ready to deliver.

- I was present on childbirth of children, basically, I know the how and why of things, - Valery Babenko, the inspector of traffic police of a special battalion of traffic police speaks. - certainly, it is possible only as a last resort. Fortunately, the baby has a little bit suffered.

according to Alexey Marakulina, the commander of a platoon of a specialised platoon of traffic police, during support of the car with the lying-in woman they had to go to the extremities - to leave on an oncoming traffic strip.  
- just there was a day off: who went from a summer residence who on a summer residence who jams on hunting, therefore places on roads were, - explains Alexey. - the decision on support have accepted. To think was, in general - that, there is no time. Have gone to the second maternity home because was most close. Fortunately, just there also the woman was observed. Under hands have taken away it in a reception. Her husband was in shock, at it even the car has begun to boil from such driving. A bit later to us have informed that childbirth has passed successfully.

In day of an extract of Lejly from maternity home Alexey and Valery have handed over it a bunch of flowers and have presented to the child the first toy, after all that he was born, there is also their merit.