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On Andreevsky lake three tons of crucians

In it difficultly have frozen to believe, but from zamora all crucian this winter was lost. And after all this fish is considered the most hardy on reservoirs.

- in February jurtovskie fishermen have pulled out trehsotmetrovym a seine of not less three or four tons of a crucian, - local fisher Vasily Gordeyev tells. - All fish was dead. On ice the big heap of dead crucians lay. Everyones - both small, and large, weight on neskolku kgs. I have still quarrelled with fishermen that they in lake have thrown off all dead fish. A tractor during a half an hour raked up it back in majnu.

After ice, on lake " has descended; jambs dead fish floated representing rather sad show. Last summer of water in lake was a little, the crucian wintered on a plait around an archaeological museum, there depth was no more than 70 sm, ones and a half more silt metre in which, apparently, and fish wintered. And in such frosts water was chilled almost on one and a half metre, together with a ground, especially in those places where on snow ice was not. So andreevsky the crucian was lost not from zamora, and is simple - naprosto has stiffened, as in the freezing chamber. Earlier, according to old residents, on lake never the such happened.

That is interesting, all other fish less steady to zamoram - a perch, elets, remained is live. Them is that now and fishermen catch. Have wintered, it is visible, in a hole - in the same part of lake where worked zemsnarjad. There depth is not less 12 metres.