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In Tyumen asphalt will start to put directly on clay

Repair of roads has begun actively enough, without a swing. Dorozhniki hurry to finish holes and hollows in the central streets to May feasts. First of all, on supervision of motorists, have put in order permjakovsky the bridge. It was very dangerous to go on it. Patches on an overpass have started to put in a past week-end, the basic works spent at night. And that the jam in the street was formed. Now road workers go into hollows at congresses from the bridge. And here well-known the hole on a place of an impulse of a heating main in New Year`s feasts in the street Permjakova still reminds of itself.

repair brigades and in the street VLKSM which for a winter has thoroughly worn out Became more active 50 years. Road cover with patches from fresh asphalt.

management of the highways is engaged in service and repair of the main streets, all minor streets are ironed skating rinks by contractors of justices.

As to us has told Kamil Kalimullin, the chief it is industrial - technical department of a justice of East district of Tyumen, jamochnyj they begin repair of roads since April, 30th and it will last roughly till the end of June. All holes in a justice are counted already up, them will roll up asphalt once and for all year. This year competition on the right of a roadwork in East district was won by firm   the Radio system . The basic streets on which will patch tears: Olympic, Fedorova, Assemblers, Motorostroitelej. By the way, expenses on jamochnyj repair during the current year will make only one percent from a total sum allocated for the maintenance of city roads. It twice is less in comparison with last year. So it is necessary to save.

this year in a justice of East district as experiment plan to test new technology on a construction of roads without rubble application. Rubble traditionally is used as the road basis on which asphalt keeps within. As it is known, the rubble at us is not present, it carry from Ural Mountains that affects cost of roads. But at us it is a lot of clay, literally under our feet. In clay the special preparation after which it becomes stronger some concrete is added. Rubble is not so necessary! It is possible to go into a surface at once asphalt, and the road is ready.

experiment will be spent in the street Zoological in East microdistrict, in area Suhodolja. The design documentation on road in length 800 and width of 6 metres is already developed. In case of success the technology, in the conditions of deficiency of money in the budget, will take root everywhere.

Besides repair of roads, the service of the customer of a justice will be engaged in repair of roads in court yard of apartment houses and interquarter fares. In turn on repair in this season there are 55 court yard. At drawing up of lists the opinion of inhabitants is necessarily considered. As us have assured of service of the customer, all references of townspeople are considered. It is necessary to send only the letter addressed to head of a justice. It concerns also other districts.

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this year in Tyumen carrying out more than 20 design - prospecting works on building and reconstruction of streets is planned. Among them projects of reconstruction of street Autorepair with a punched hole to Jamsky in area uchhozovskoj outcomes, on road building along the street Assemblers on a site from Shirotnoj to Fedjuninsky, on traffic intersection building in different levels on crossing of street of 50 years of October and Trade-union and on crossing of 50 years of October with Permjakova, on bridge reconstruction through Tour in a street Cheljuskintsev alignment.