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Than winners of competitions " are engaged; the Teacher of year

of Returning I am not afraid

Vladimir MORAR, the winner of the All-Russia competition the Teacher of year - 2000

Till 2006 taught Russian and the literature in the Kaliningrad grammar school 1

Today: the deputy of the Kaliningrad regional thought

- in all units, probably, can be talented, - considers Vladimr Morar. - But that the talented person is capable     to prove   in   different fields of activity, with it I agree. My pedagogical experience helps me, as deputy work is     work with people and for the sake of people. Therefore my today`s work is pleasant to me. I understand that if I was not the deputy on many questions to help the people who have converted to me could not. To me the deputy to be hard, as conscience does not allow to agree with that policy that spends so-called correcting   thoughtlessly; party. Though all useful     for inhabitants of our region by me it is always supported.  

- Lessons I now do not conduct, - Vladimir Alekseevich admits. - Behind the help the former colleagues were converted. And not only by preparation for a lesson, but also with the request to estimate the last lesson. Of returning in school did not think, but of it I am not afraid.

- On school I do not miss, - the deputy is frank. - I have successfully let out all pupils, and new classes to conduct not   became. And under the literature I do not miss too because did not leave it. In school interesting, eventful work does not pull, probably, because at me now, and it is all the same connected with problems in education. And still, probably, because recently about education speak as   about ordinary service. To me the position of Amonashvili which named the teacher sorabotnikom at God is closer. Pedagogical activity is a mission, it is a way of life. Therefore all to solve by means of market mechanisms it will not be possible. A paradigm, at which teacher -     uslugodatel, and the pupil - the client,   it is vicious. If school will leave smothering, with any pools and its interactive boards not to replace. Though, undoubtedly that modern schools should be equipped at level 21 - go centuries. And the salary of the teacher should receive such   for the work that they had time for creativity and that they have not been anxious by survival problems.

Has gone on elections to solve a personal interest

Evgenie SLAVGOROD, the winner of the All-Russia competition the Teacher of year - 2004

Evgenie Slavgorodsky with the spouse on - former live in settlement Krylovo.

In 2007 under the list an United Russia it was selected in the State Duma.

Today: teaches Russian and the literature at Krylovsky school of Pravdinsky area, teaches cultural urological disciplines in RGU to them. Of the Edging

Time and again heard supposedly Evgenie Slavgorodsky for this purpose and has defeated competition the Teacher of year to do career of the politician.

- the Desire to participate in elections in the State Duma is at all a way to leave school, - Evgenie Igorevich makes comments. - To me it was important during preparation for elections to do a bit of travelling on schools of the Kaliningrad region, to look at teachers, children, on conditions in which there is a training. If want are and was my main interest in elections.

If voter voted for it more actively, and it has passed in a thought, that, according to Evgenie Slavgorodsky, this situation has hardly turned away it from school, pedagogics.

- To be the teacher, to teach is mine! - he speaks.

I do not want to trade in batteries

Sergey GOLOVACHYOV, the winner of competition the Teacher of year - 2010 among teachers of Kaliningrad

Today: Victory 23 - summer Sergey Golovachyov in competition " teaches history at school 25 Kaliningrads

; the Teacher of year - 2010 among the Kaliningrad teachers - a bright illustration of process of a rejuvenation of school collectives. He is a graduate of historical faculty RGU of a name of the Edging, studies in postgraduate study, investigates an agrarian reform of Stolypina, and teaches history and social science in 6 - h and 9 - h classes. I will not hide, searched for a dirty trick in young and rather pragmatic Sergey Aleksandrovicha`s act.

- you at school because it is runaway from   problems? To you only 23, and in army   it would not be desirable

- Army here there is nothing, work at school, today even in rural, does not release from the oath. For that matter, here the postgraduate study - yes, releases from army.  

- Why you at school? It today so abuse: and to parents on the children to spit, and teacher`s work - continuous bureaucracy, and money pay a little

- When has graduated from the university, has seriously thought of a question - where further? I am assured that me would take with pleasure the manager on sale of batteries in any salon, is assured that money there would earn much. But then the question arises - and for what I studied five years at university?. To go to school it it is more logical, fairly, a leah that

- you at school for a long time?

- I do not think.

- be not afraid that this work   will drain in?

- And I do not consider that the school is a bog.

- Than you explain the victory in competition? Only have begun work, and have already overtaken the skilled colleagues participating in competition.

- Built solving a lesson so that all pupils have been involved. I on a broader scale like to use active methods of work. Has analysed, who is who in a class. And that who likes to draw, gave the task - to draw, that who likes to argue, - gave the chance to speak, for someone from pupils was important to help me, I and this desire have directed to the necessary channel. And it turned out that all pupils have been involved. For me it is more important, than to keep within time frameworks of a lesson.

-   With such methods of work, probably, the discipline limps?

- Anything similar! We with children in daggers - zeroes lessons we play, it does not affect in any way the general background of a lesson. When all at business, it will organise, and not before order infringements.

- That most of all oppresses at modern school?

- that parents, hand over here children, as in a left-luggage office. And it is terrible, when the sixth-grader, coming on a history lesson, declares: the Great Patriotic War was defeated by Americans . I to it: Whence such knowledges? . In the answer I hear that the young pathfinder honoured the Internet. There and then the lesson plan   I change, I make a start from this statement, I prove that war exod - absolutely another.


From geography - in militia

Those graduates of schools who keeps in touch both with schoolmates, and with teachers, will necessarily remember teachers who fine worked, and then took and has left in other sphere. For example, my teacher of geography of Valentine Nikolaevna Mereshkina the lessons showed: geography are adventures, it is beauty, it is not boring. We spent round tables, protected any projects, wrote abstracts, played games, for example, on a subject Minerals . For pedagogics of the end 80 - yh - the beginnings 90 - h the last century is was break. Never would think that this teacher takes and will change trades. Yes, it has left. Today Valentina Nikolaevna - the major of militia. And to tell the truth, I will not be surprised, if it will suddenly be found out that she again teaches.